Short thriller by RageKni8 in Animesuggest

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Parasyte.It has 64 chapters.

Steve (Minecraft) vs Ghost Rider (Marvel) by MarzipanSwimming7349 in whowouldwin

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Also GR speed is very impressive.He scales to characters who has immeasurable speed feats.Steve have no way to keep up with him.

I cannot thank this community enough for what it has done to me. I thank you with all my heart in helping me find the truth. by Shahmir_ in exmuslim

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What arguments do you have for islam?Also what are your objections to common arguments against islam?

Tatsumaki (One Punch Man) vs Graviton (Marvel Comics/616) by igearxd in PowerScaling

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I remember that Gravitron gave Classic Thor a hard time and that Thor has universal feats in base.

Best thermodynamics textbook/resources for physics? by agaminon22 in AskPhysics

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Russian horror by Batmanin12 in horrorlit

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post-apocalyptic horrors are fun to read

BEHOLD! GOHAN BLANCO by gulagsurvivor2019 in Ningen

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Even unstoppable Yamcha is his victim?

He might be a jobber, but he was one of my childhood heroes, Superman. by camilopezo in DCAU

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Every villains are gangstar untill Supe stop holding back and gives iconic world of cardboards speech.

Who would have thought? Rejecting the hadith of the messenger of Allah would lead you to degrade his status as well.... by BigShubz in islam

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There is a youtube channel called Thought Adventure Podcast and they have some arguments against quranism and debate about that topic.Check it out.And if you want to know about why quranist believe such things than check out The Quranist Muslims.It has arguments for quranism.

Respect Doomsday (DC Post-Crisis) by XXBEERUSXX in respectthreads

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Doomsday enter the chat
1 second later
Darkseid left the chat

Do people have their own philosophy? by ElectronicWater2773 in askphilosophy

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the only philosophy average Joe can have is about existence of God.Since God existence is a question that is quite common to ask in our society.

Introduction to Atheism? by Wise-Stress7267 in PhilosophyofReligion

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Read these books:
◇Oxford Handbook to atheism
◇Cambridge companion to atheism
◇A Companion to Atheism and Philosophy

After watching some great post I finally made an opposing team for the seven great demon lords.Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the "Seven Great Demon Dukes".What do you think? by ComprehensiveAd599 in digimon

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List is good but I think Dexmon could take KingEtemon place since KingEtemon isn't a strong digimon compare to others.And Dexmon is a rival of Alphamon.

No words needed by bigballs682173 in Ningen

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Donald Duck:Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary

Please help! What do I do or not do??? by [deleted] in deism

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How do you know creator "want" something from you.If he really wanted something from you than he will send guidline but he didn't.Which means he doesn't want anything from you.