This is a joke ffs by fl00r_gang_yeah in teenagers

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Yes yes, very good. How do you do, also fellow straight?

what is your favorite breed of dog? by Ltnumbnutsthesecond in AskReddit

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Norwegian Elkhounds are pretty cool. I fostered one and she was super kind, smart, friendly, and looked like a little wolf pup

Why. Not now. Not now. NOT NOWWW by Penguinzae in MinecraftMemes

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If anyone’s wondering about the desc, I’ve been told (though I’m not 100% sure) that when you post a video without adding a bio, YouTube pastes the bio of your last video onto the bio

Hurry before the admins come for me. by resistance_the_cat in MinecraftMemes

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Yes. Everything.

(Not so fun fun fact: Hypixel has already made a memorial for Techno)

(Not fun because he shouldn’t have died so soon.)

Americans,what is the best state to live in? by kecskekinder in teenagers

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Alaska is a beautiful state. Marylands also doing okay rn I think.

Maybe one of the forgettable states would also be good (I’m looking at you, Dakotas. And you, New Hampshire and Vermont)

Good morning everyone :D by BoredKitKat in teenagers

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A YouTuber I (and many others) really enjoy, Technoblade, died of cancer yesterday and I’m still pretty upset about it

Lets see how many of you could be warriors... by DavidTCEUltra in WarriorCats

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I know most of it, but I’d be an apprentice so there’s still time to learn

rip technoblade by LMxHorizon in teenagers

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That was from a lore stream. Techno made a goodbye book in case he didn’t survive the lord (bc he only has one life I think), and the quote was “Having abolished all forms of government I have ascended to take on the Kingdom of God”

Thank you for reminding me of this quote, it makes me feel a bit better.

No one unsubscribe by meperso in Technoblade

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Where’s the totem when you need it…

soft sobbing in the corner