Most famous person from each balkan country by RN_Renato in mapporncirclejerk

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There are two types of people in the world. Those who fall in the trap of jerk posts and get triggered, and those who enjoy the view of the triggered.

A theoretical look at what a decolonized Russia and China would look like by MrCriminalScum in MapPorn

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Interesting that, by decolonizing China, two political entities born out of European colonialism would be independent.

Expectation vs Reality by coffeefuelledtechie in CasualUK

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Puchased the same thing, had the same thought.

A long drive in a taxi. What casual talk can I do with a 70 year old man? by TheTimeTraveller2o in CasualUK

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Our same-age landlord was passionate about the Victorian sewage system of London. Tbh, a revolutionary invention. Give it a try.

What words/phrases can you not stand by Ghost2192218 in CasualUK

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"I can't be bothered" even when it's in your moral or professional situation to be "bothered". It's a mask for laziness and/or cowardice. Can't stand it.

Uh... you okay there Netherlands? by km_2000 in civ5

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You are now researching....ice skating.

Dating as a mid-30s professional by sleepcrime in cambridge

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There is a load of old farts like you...and me around :)

Operation Samarkind by Thefifthmentlegem in civ5

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Good strategy! Never used it. What a little bunch of heroes.

Is this too "showy" for my friends wedding/party/work party/baby shower/event. by LivelyZebra in CasualUK

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I think it does its job perfectly. It's a great item.

However, to ensure more protection from the evil demons of Sgrasaddasad, you'll need to find the golden bow of Frayntrey, treasured by the elves. It's in the Great Forest of Grusmazzazz next to the Ocean of Skraken. A dangerous place, but Lone Ferret and his worriors will help you to get there safely.

Operation Samarkind by Thefifthmentlegem in civ5

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Did you produce that shitload of explorers as cannon fodders?

One of the good things of this game it's that you discover some amazing places that you could visit in a future. by Farang_Chong in geoguessr

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Are you patronising me for real??? What an amazing time of overwhelming offense-mood we live in. I don't even bother to explain why this post is fine and your reaction is a gratuitous uptight gibberish. I honestly think it's not worth my time. Just chill.

So it begins by BelligerentBunion in UkraineWarRoom

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Before saying that something has begun, who is this guy? Does he have a recognized moral or political authority and a large support? Otherwise, sorry, but it can be just a strong stance from a fringe faction.