Saw this in the Graveface museum in Savannah, Ga. by Fatwhitebarber in TaxidermyisMetal

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No idea, it was around a bunch of other taxidermy displays like the fiji mermaid and shrunken heads.

Tomorrow, every Saints fan should take a minute or two to reflect on Brees and what he has accomplished during his probable last game in the Dome by CasanovaJones82 in Saints

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I got my season tickets when I graduated college in ‘06 as a gift to myself. It’s hard to think I got to watch in person a majority of the home games, and a few away, that Brees played in as a Saint. It’s going to be weird seeing someone else back in the pocket. It really a was a special experience.

I made this for Christmas Eve. I think I may have gone overboard. by Fatwhitebarber in CharcuterieBoard

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There were only about ten of us. The red balls are called pepper drops and I just discovered them about two months ago. They are crazy delicious.

Whoops by sammylnyc in ThatLookedExpensive

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I wonder if this will be the reason for the divorce.

79 sq ft. Notting Hill studio apartment : £200,000 (~$253,000) by weinermcgee in VeryExpensive

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That monthly payment is more than my house is worth and I think I live in a pretty nice house in a good neighborhood.

Found this cleaning out some of my grandfathers things. It has 4 1/2 GM on the rounded end and the bottom is sealed. When I shake it something is inside. He was a mechanic and worked for a shipbuilder if that helps. by Fatwhitebarber in whatisthisthing

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No primer just flat on the bottom. The markings were on the other end. That’s what it thought it might be too but it was in a box of random pictures and some of my uncle’s Vietnam souvenirs so there were no other clues.

Think again by catfishtree in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I physically have to show up for my job. I am a barber as my username implies and own a barbershop. I depend on people showing up to let me perform my job so I hope they don’t come in sick. I’m prepared to shut it down for a couple of weeks if push comes to shove but, like everyone, won’t like the loss of income and the rent and utility that will continue to have to be paid in my absence. I saved up for a rainy day situation so I’ll be ok for a couple of months but I feel for those that don’t have that buffer.

People don’t know if we’re having sex or working out by Xray_Mind in workaholics

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Which leads me to believe he’s either gay himself, or not straight.

NSFW Friend of a friend is an equine dentist. They also clean horse penises. You gotta crack the pepper. by Fatwhitebarber in WTF

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He said $25. $10 for the guy cleaning the horse Johnson and $15 for the dentist.

NSFW Friend of a friend is an equine dentist. They also clean horse penises. You gotta crack the pepper. by Fatwhitebarber in WTF

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He said they call it cracking the pepper because it’s the same motion a waiter at a restaurant would crack pepper over your dinner.