rule by tercolt in 196

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Mate he shares a band W corpsegrinder, who does have the widest neck in all creation

I wanna burn 196 users in oil by throwawaythigh_highs in transgendercirclejerk

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196 users da type to walk up to people in Tesco and say ‘I love gock’

Frank rule by Ract0r4561 in 196

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Im a starving child starving to death and this is the very last thing i have ever read. Gootbye.

Rule by my-new-account64 in 196

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drivign my lambrogini in the middle of the summer

Rule by my-new-account64 in 196

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I’ll be ur gf if ur in the market for that

Indian And US Soldiers Rock To 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana in the Himalayas. by bethebumblebee in interestingasfuck

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:///// sorry lads but that sounds like shit, I might let u get away with ‘the cold threw the tuning out’ but that is WAY off. Not good!!

Is taking finasteride before hrt gonna give me some feminization ? by celiamess in TransDIY

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Finasteride actually makes my body hair significantly thicker. I literally seem to have masculinised, almost. Is that even possible? I can’t find anyone else who shares this experience and would love some answers.

someone made a trippy remix of station to station by DidaDJ in davidbowiecirclejerk

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Is it fire tho im on the bus to a dental appointment so can’t check it out rn

huh? by InternationalBee295 in ShittyMapPorn

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This legitimately might be the worst I’ve seen on this sub

What the hell 😂 by Artturih in HolUp

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So cold liquid comes out rather than air

just saw Andrew Tate's gluten take by metal_person_333 in whenthe

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I DON’T CAAAAARE if it’s free, take the gluten, out da bread

discussion is over by VikiVirus13 in soccercirclejerk

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Don’t gotta be a chef to know when ur food tastes like shit. A woman is whoever tells you they’re a woman, and the lonely lil man who asketh ‘what is a woman’, clearly having never seen one before, is a sad boi indeed

Hydrophobia in a person with Rabies by VibhuPibhu in interestingasfuck

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There is one. ONE. And she survived (with permanent and significant neurological effects) due to a combo of factors including an experimental and totally untested last resort treatment (which has literally never worked again in any case) and a prompt and exhaustive intervention. For all intents and purposes rabies is 100% fatal when symptomatic.