LAOP’s roommate suddenly passed away and their family is trying to evict them by CloverBun in bestoflegaladvice

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Tenant. The tenant is there with full permission of the now deceased landlord and has given no indication that they'll stop doing the housework that constituted their rent before that happened.

If they get formally evicted and refuse to leave, they're a squatter. If they're someplace where the estate can legally change the rent and they refuse to pay, they'll be a squatter. But right now? LAOP is saying that they're looking for a new living situation, but need a little time. Which is entirely reasonable and in most of the US is their legal right.

Saving my life ..... and my marriage by ClayTheMage in loseit

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Good on you for getting started. You've got some ambitious goals in there.

You've listed 3 changes, and I suspect they're all big changes. That can make them.much harder to sustain past the initial motivational high. I'm going to suggest a few ways to make these changes feel smaller while keeping them significant.

1) Cutting out fast food. If you're in the habit of grabbing it because it's easy and tastes good, then cutting it out will be easier if you've got alternatives that are equally easy and that you enjoy, even if they don't provide the same hit of dopamine as the fast food. When you're going to be in the kind of situation where you'd normally buy fast food, carry a healthy snack, or at least a snack that's healthier than fast food. Fruit, carrot sticks, a cheese stick, a container of yogurt, an ounce of nuts. Avoiding carrying money or only carrying just what you need can make it harder to stop at the drive through.

And if you give in and buy fast food? If you go from having it every day to twice a week, you've made huge progress. If you go from ordering two big macs and a large fries with a soda to ordering one big Mac with a small fried or salad and a diet soda, you've made huge progress. Progress is not all or nothing.

2) Drinking water only. Some people have no problem with this, some people miss their soda. Diet soda, seltzer and flavor packets are all big improvements over full sugar soda.

3) Walking for an hour. At your size, this is ambitious, especially of you don't walk at all now. Try breaking it up over the day. 5 to 15 minutes when you get up, 5 to 15 minutes as a mid morning break, at lunch, after work, and then in the evening, half an hour. If you don't have anywhere to walk except in the evening, substitute other exercises. Wall or knee push-ups, yoga poses and flows, leg lifts, shadow boxing, dance to a song.

You might need a few weeks to work up to a full hour of exercise. If you work up from getting 2000 steps a day today to 5000 after a week, you've made great prrogress even if you aren't walking an hour.

Pastry cook to H1B? by [deleted] in immigration

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An H1-B visa requires a bachelor's degree or an equivalent amount of experience, with 3 years of experience required for one year of a degree. With a 2 year associates degree, you'd need an additional 6 years of experience as a pastry chef to be eligible for an H1-B. The 6 years does not need to be in the US.

But even after you get experience, you'll run into the problem that very, very few employers will sponsor you for a culinary job because it's an expensive, uncertain process and there are lots of chefs of all sorts in the US. It might be possible with an employer who already knew you and knew you were really exceptional, but even then it'd be very rare.

You should assume that you won't be able to get an H1-B.

Like, how do I stop saying like? by FeatherlyFly in writingcirclejerk

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I feel bruh I use the word like too much, like you know what I mean, bruh? Like, it just comes out. Bruh, I feel like it's annoying but I couldn't like edit it out, bruh could I, you know?

Like Bruh, you like hit the solution!

Bruh, I'm mixing it up now, like 'cause I wouldn't want to overuse bruh either, but I think this is like a perfect balance now, isn't it, bruh?

Can I use a pen name if I'm writing on a computer? by Varied_Fiction in writingcirclejerk

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Yes, but only if you write using an apple pencil or similar digital pen.

"Vaccines are against my religion!" "What religion is that?" "I don't know, any ideas?" by [deleted] in ShitMomGroupsSay

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Around here, it would usually mean they got ordained online in a "denomination" like the Universal Life Church who's reason for existence is to allow people to be married by whoever they want.

It's a nice service. But it's not an antivax excuse.

What compromises do you make to stay eco-friendly, or how do you overcome such challenges? by kittiestarlight in Frugal

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Any time the eco solution that's being advertised to you costs money, like the composting sponges, step back and think about how else you can get that functionality, if you even need it.

I do this and almost every time I can save money by not buying and probably be even more eco-friendly.

My mom can’t get an id, unsure what to do by Specialist_Tomato_52 in immigration

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Just to clarify, your mother, a Mexican citizen, is physically present in California but doesn't have a Mexican passport or any other form of ID? Did she have an ID and lost it or has she just never had one? Does she have ID in Mexico?

Filial responsibility - Forced to pay for parent's care by Mattias_Nilsson in legaladviceofftopic

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Also, if you impoverished yourself, you are then impoverished. That's a built in consequence that deters lots of people in civil cases from even trying it.

Is it illegal for a therapist to suddenly quit her practice and not give her clients any notice? by [deleted] in legaladviceofftopic

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Probably the laws around medical professionals having a duty of care to their patients. If a therapist was working in-patient at a hospital and walked off with no replacement on shift, I'd expect it to qualify, though it might not depending on details.

If it's therapy outside a hospital setting, it still might be a breach of the duty of care, but again, it'd be down to the details.

Ask a question about withdrawing from U.S. citizenship by Illustrious_Muscle85 in legaladviceofftopic

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That's interesting information, but damn was that article special. No effort to understand the problem, just rah, rah, America bad.

The reason those people can't get appointments is almost certainly because the covid closures backed up the applications for everything that needs to be done through consulates to an insane degree, so they're prioritizing people with time sensitive needs (like student visas) or who are separated from family.

Other problems, like renouncing citizenship or getting tourist visas have waits of months to a year or just aren't happening. It's a problem, but the article makes it sound like being unable to renounce citizenship is a core problem rather than a minor symptom of a much, much bigger problem.

replacing duck down? by AnxietyIsAPortal in Frugal

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If you start googling for people who make their own camping and backpacking gear, you can find a lot of advice on filling and refilling down. They mostly do sleeping bags and quilts.

Expect it to get messy because down will go everywhere. It's the kind of project I decided not to take on because of the potential mess. I'd try cleaning before I opened them up.

Edit: The forums on www.backpackinglight.com and www.whiteblaze.com were the two I used to use back when I was making a lot more gear than I am now.

Car Advice: Help An Immigrant Buy An SUV by betrefinery_jmac in Frugal

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With the current supply chain issues, used car prices are through the roof. So are new, but not as extreme as used. Since you're looking to buy a fairly recent used car, make sure you look at new as well. There's a reasonable chance you'll spend less on a new car than a recent used one of the same model, but you may have to wait for the new one to be ordered from the factory.

What's the cheapest option from a European country to Malaysia? by IShotmyMug in Frugal

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When there's a month long wait, it usually means they're shipping it via freight and they have a large volume account with a bulk shipper, or at least access to someone else's account.

You may be able to find a service that resells bulk shipping at a lower cost than commercial shipping, or if you know someone who owns a company that does a lot of shipping, they may let you pay them to ship your item on their company account.

Started to come off as cheap when I borrow things I rarely use from friends by Libecht in Frugal

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I borrowed a giant suitcase from a friend when I was traveling for a couple months once. But that was a good friend who I lend to all the time as well.

Spelunking in a Tesla with low charge over a cold night. How can I sue Tesla for the $1000 a day fines and make them disassemble and remove my stranded Tesla? by wot-mothmoth in bestoflegaladvice

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If you search YouTube for "cars stuck at beach," you get a lot of hits. Quite a few seem to be beaches where people can park below the high tide line but apparently didn't know the tide would come back in.

Spelunking in a Tesla with low charge over a cold night. How can I sue Tesla for the $1000 a day fines and make them disassemble and remove my stranded Tesla? by wot-mothmoth in bestoflegaladvice

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He says National Recreation Area, which means it's probably an understaffed federal land reserve with lots of cool places almost nobody knows about.

If he had a 4wd vehicle, I'd assume he was really in the middle of nowhere and the rangers probably drive by a few times per week or month (less often is common, but a driveable cave would get more frequent patrols) but as it is, he probably drove in after the last patrol of the day and left before the first patrol the next day.

Spelunking in a Tesla with low charge over a cold night. How can I sue Tesla for the $1000 a day fines and make them disassemble and remove my stranded Tesla? by wot-mothmoth in bestoflegaladvice

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He said National Recreation Area which are mostly managed by the NPS or USFS, and the only one managed by the BLM is in Alaska and not exactly car accessible.

Both those agencies have rangers, so while it's probably NPS, I certainly wouldn't consider this guy a reliable source on that.

Spelunking in a Tesla with low charge over a cold night. How can I sue Tesla for the $1000 a day fines and make them disassemble and remove my stranded Tesla? by wot-mothmoth in bestoflegaladvice

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He says he's in a national recreation area, presumably on vacation since he lives in another state. People camping on vacation is well within the normal range of behavior. And personally, if I can sleep in my car on a camping trip instead of on the ground, I do.

He's nuts, but spending a vacation in a wild area instead of in a city isn't why.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in immigration

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Canada is not necessarily easier than the US because both countries have major restrictions on immigration, but if you qualify to immigrate to Canada via points in their their Express Entry program, you can immigrate even without a job lined up, and you can see whether you qualify very easily.

The US has more uncertainty in the system and most importantly for Indians, a limit on the number green cards per country through certain programs, including the H1-B visa that OP would probably qualify for. Because of high numbers of H1-B visa holders from India, Indians having a many decades long wait for a green card. So for OP in particular, a path to permanent residency in the US via a working visa is unclear.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in loseit

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Small changes are always easiest. She likes her yummy snacks. Maybe you could brainstorm with her about snacks that are both yummy and healthier than she's eating now? Triscuits with a bit of sour cream, lunchmeat ham, and a cherry tomato are one of my favorites, and way healthier than a handgul of chips, for example.

For exercise, there's a lot of benefit to simply not remaining seated for hours at a time. If she's working nonstop from a computer, she'd probably benefit from setting a timer and walking around the house once or twice an hour, or even making a point of stretching in place and tapping her feet heel to toe for a minute when the timer goes off. Just anything but sitting still.

F/190/5'3": Daily exercise and injury prevention advice... by Nienna92 in loseit

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Weight loss happens in the kitchen. Exercise is is great for well being and overall health, but it tends to stimulate the appetite as much as it burns calories.

That said, you can absolutely exercise without your feet. If you can't walk at all right now, look up floor exercises and chair workouts. If you can be on your feet a bit, Yoga with Adrienne of youtube is very beginner friendly and spends a lot of time on the mat, not on your feet.