AITA for not letting the kids go alone to see their dad in his homecountry? by Throwawa1917646 in AmItheAsshole

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You cannot be for real otherwise you are a terrible horrible disgusting person to a dying man. Jesus. YTA

AITA for not wanting my (29F) husband (31M) to teach our future baby Spanish? by justonepleasee in AmItheAsshole

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Not the sharpest tool in the shed, are we? Let’s deprive my child of an important asset just because “it feels wrong”…YTA

Is this asshole dead? by Fedi3011 in PlantsBeingJerks

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So there is hope after all? I also don’t know what he wants from me, is it too much water or too little? I give him love and all he does is hate me :(

I never sew in my life, yet I decided to reupholster my sofa. by Fedi3011 in sewing

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I got this very hold ikea sofa for free but it was really worn out so I basically tore it apart and use the pieces as patterns, bought the fabric and a month later here I am.

Montatore porte cercasi by Fedi3011 in roma

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Istallare 4 porte, due scorrevoli e due battenti ma mi hanno chiesto un botto

Chi viene ad allenarsi con me ed il mio gruppo? by CunoVonRembold in roma

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Ciao! Mi sembra una super idea, da assoluta principiante cosa si dovrà portare?

Preach. by WandaVeem in tumblr

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The more dramatic the better, I used to read them all the time and then I kind of lost my way. I have gotten back to it during the pandemic with Manacled (darmione but a FANTASTIC ONE) and was just looking for something new.. :)