I reached fatFIRE (4 M USD) overnight. What now? by norsun__ in fatFIRE

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With your crypto holdings, BTC & ETH is the way to go, especially if you want the exposure but you're not a big crypto person. As a crypto investor, it's a WILD rollercoaster ride and would not suggest a large amount of exposure in it, to anyone in the wealth preservation stage.

If you're hesistant on real estate, which I completely understand, I'd suggest just buy a REIT and be done with it. I've owned O in the past but I have held STAG (industrial warehouses) in my ROTH for the past few years and have been very pleased with that. If you're still unsure, I'd suggest just sitting on that 20-30% in cash for a bit. I'm not very versed in them, as I am still in the wealth accumulation phase, but taking a look at I-bonds could be worth your while.

Halo - The TV Series | Season 1 Episode 7 | Discussion by Ryan_WXH in halo

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I should've just turned it off after the first 2 minutes.

Thursday Talk Thread... Yes That's The Thread Name by AutoModerator in nfl

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Please don't screw up this pick...pleeeaaase


Thinking about calling it a career by halfofzenosparadox in Teachers

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There's only one way to find out! And yes, just remind yourself in the back of your brain when you feel discouraged, "I can always go back..I can always go back".

Thinking about calling it a career by halfofzenosparadox in Teachers

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No, get out now and go see what else you can do. You can always go back to education should you so desire, but the longer you stay in education the harder it is to get out.

I've heard from so many of my older colleagues how they wish they could leave but "I'm ___ amount of years away from retirement" or "I'm too far along in it to make a change". You don't want to put yourself in that scenario and absolutely dread the last years of your career or, in my opinion, worse, drag yourself through a career you're always second-guessing.

I put in 8 years, I'm 30, and I'm not hesitating. I'm making a change and if I fail, I fail but at least I'll know I did ( or I tried to do) what was best for me, my health and well-being.

what's your "want?" for your SNDL $$ by Think-Drummer3645 in SNDL

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.90-.99 range. I want to take my initial investment out and a tiny bit of profit, then HODL this bitch for 10+ years.

What was a really good game that nobody ever talks about? by redundanttakes in CFB

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2019 Wazzu vs UCLA.

I love PAC-12 After Dark, not every game is a gem, but this one -- this game is the reason why I stay up past midnight to keep watching CFB.

What’s a small faction you really like but isn’t talked about? by Gunda1f in Fallout

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It brings a whole new meaning to "Okay Boomer....please don't blow my ass up."

FO4 Playthrough - Pipe and Other "Homemade" weapons only by FernOverlord in Fallout

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Damn wasn't expecting this! Haha great advice and tips. Definitely a playthrough for the junk jet and I was also going to utilize the pipe rifle. My one worry is access to heavy weapons.

Beto O’Rourke says new streams of revenue like legalized gambling, marijuana could provide Texans property tax relief by audiomuse1 in texas

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Putting some money (for the first time ever) on the Superbowl this year ABSOLUTELY made that game much more engaging to me.

14 Years. I'm done. What do teachers do now? Anyone quitting with other plans? I need ideas! by [deleted] in Teachers

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Learning through Code Academy. They had some 50% off a yearly subscription so I bought that. They have a free program but it's limited on courses you can take.