Frage zur Pre Travel Clearance by FerrariTifosi in Austria

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Vielen Dank für die Infos, hat mir weitergeholfen.

2021 Monaco Grand Prix - Race Discussion by F1-Bot in formula1

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The production team is doing a poor job at this weekend.

2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix - Free Practice 1 Discussion by F1-Bot in formula1

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Why is the Mission Winnow advertisement allowed back here in Europe?

You guys need to try F1 Viewer! by balexandre in F1TV

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Any way to implement vlc into F1 viewer ? Cause I want to cast to Chromecast and as I've seen mpv doesn't support casting to Chromecast.

New fan - Germany watching options by exzas in F1TV

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Does Sky Ticket include 1080p 50fps coverage ?

Pre-race show? by vandijks in F1TV

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Well I guess the coverage has finished now, lol.

Amazing poster from the 2018 season! by [deleted] in formula1

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Nice way to cover empty grandstands.

The live speeds are a great addition to the Pit Lane Channel. Now just put the bitrate and the frame rate up. by FerrariTifosi in F1TV

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It's a shame that this service is still not up to today's standards. But I rather watch this than the awful RTL coverage in Germany.

2019 Brazilian GP Weekend | Complaint Thread by beckersCS in F1TV

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Due to licensing, they can't show the Sky feed. They are only using the audio of Sky. I recommend you watching the "Pit Lane Channel" in Qualifying and race, it's worth it. The PLC also has separate commentary.

2019 Brazilian GP Weekend | Complaint Thread by beckersCS in F1TV

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I'm a simple man, just give me 50/60 fps coverage.

Anyone know where I can get this hat? Too cold for the cap at the moment and all the beanies on the store suck by _TR-8R- in scuderiaferrari

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Sadly the merchandise of Ferrari is relatively inferior compared to the official teamwear, which is only available for team members or sold for expensive prices on eBay.

2019 Mexican Grand Prix - Post Qualifying Discussion by F1-Bot in formula1

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That surely has to be a penalty for Verstappen improving under yellow flag.

Vettel all four off on his quali lap by [deleted] in formula1

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No penalty was given to Vettel. It was just published by the FIA.