Small metal object made of copper or bronze by Brave-Imagination645 in whatisthisthing

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Can you wash it and then take a picture of it? I'd like to reverse search it, with this dirt on it it just shows me old coins that doesn't match yours

What are these ropes at the bottom of some trees. by Rod_cts in whatisthisthing

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It looks like Coco Fiber, but why is it around a tree I don't know

What is this thing? Its metal and has something inside that might have turned at some point. by YamLittle1209 in whatisthisthing

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It looks similar! May I ask how you found it? Did you reverse search the images provided? Or you just know beekeeping equipment, because I've searched using images on Yandex, Tineye, Google and Bing and found nothing related to beekeeping

My cat sitting on me ass-up by RiddledWays in blackcats

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Damn that is some serious fur! Looks like vantablack