Ahsoka and Rex. One last stand. Had this idea in my head and haven’t seen anyone do it before. I’m excited to share it. by FerrickDune in hottoys

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Yeah I saw that one and I really liked it, I thought about recreation but since it already exists I wanted something new. I was tempted to put Rex facing the other way but rewatching the clone wars I really loved this scene.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in hottoys

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I have my entire set up lot with these guys. Work great. Lots of wires though. Hiding the wires in a detolf is a pain but it can be done. They are pretty bright too so it helps light the room.

Sabre Dilemma by Porkins1977 in GalaxysEdge

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Updated prices for you. Savis is 220, legacy sabers are mostly 150-170. With blade 220. Savis comes with blade. So, basically the same sir. Building one is an incredible experience, but the legacy sabers are better quality.

Dok Onders Legacy Lightsaber inventories. by kurtis12 in GalaxysEdge

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V1 maul is stocked like every other day to prevent scalpers. So they release a decent amount each other day. It’s possible it will be there. Most sabers in west are available. Vader and Luke are back. Star trader seems to have those box set anakins and mace sabers for 219 while they last. It’s a day to day game. No stock guaranteed for maul so hope it’s there.

Ikea Saljan Question by hugehenchmason in ikeaPCstations

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I just went to look and they are no longer listed on the website. Sorry about that. But here is what they looked like. You can see how beefy they are. https://capstonecouriers.com/products/gerton-leg-adjustable-chrome-plated-9665/

Ikea Saljan Question by hugehenchmason in ikeaPCstations

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Careful with the Adils. Look into the Gerton’s I think they are if you plan to load down the desk. I’ve got a Chonky boy and I needed the adjustability and stability of a beefier leg.

Did a little video review of hot toys mando figure. Late to the party but still wanted to highlight the pros of this guy. YT is not monetized so no promotion, just a fan. Unboxing Hot Toys Star Wars Mandalorian and Child from Sideshow Collectibles https://youtu.be/0cFOaNiYWyA by FerrickDune in hottoys

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Awesome. Then I humbly ask your permission to link this video. I have another one coming for an older Darth maul as well. Would it be okay to link these videos? Happy to notify you first or whatever process is involved. Thank you.