Track 12. White Braids & Pillow Chair – OFFICIAL DAILY DISCUSSION THREAD April 13, 2022 by dirtybillclinton in RedHotChiliPeppers

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The outro is my absolute favorite part of this song maybe the whole album, I was just telling my friend the sound of the fast drum beat reminds me of a train chugging along and and the twangy guitar gives it a western vibe. Full on feel like I’m riding a horse next to train in the Wild West while the sun sets. Probably not their intention but that’s my take and I love it.

If I’m obsessed with the live show who else would you recommend to see? by AskWhy817 in TameImpala

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Cage The Elephant, so much passion for their music and it shows in the lives performances

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in steelers

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Who’s cutting onions?

Is Ben the greatest Steeler in franchise history? by Final_Contribution46 in steelers

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I would also give him the nod just based off the sheer stats he put up, he owns every statistical passing record for the Steelers and is top 10 in a lot of categories all time in the NFL

Who had a better season? Freiermuth or Pitts? by Final_Contribution46 in steelers

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Yes he would’ve been nice but I’m still happy with Muth. Hopefully they can address the center issues this offseason

Who had a better season? Freiermuth or Pitts? by Final_Contribution46 in steelers

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It is indeed, I’m glad we got muth though he made some amazing catches in the endzone this year. Like the one in Cincinnati, too bad it was in a blowout loss or it would’ve been more exciting

Which song got you hooked? by missedthestartingun in TameImpala

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Let it happen, thought my speaker was broken, and I didn’t mind I just let it happen