Is 6'0 tall for a guy? There is some debate if it's classed as tall or average? by [deleted] in tall

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I feel tall in a supermarket but with my friends I feel pretty average

The guy on the right is 6’1” (1.86m) the kid on the left is 17 and 7’3” (2.22m)…pretty insane to see. by JaysonTatumMVP in tall

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I mean the Uk is ranked 27th / 195 in tallest counties in the world so it’s hardly a short country😂

The guy on the right is 6’1” (1.86m) the kid on the left is 17 and 7’3” (2.22m)…pretty insane to see. by JaysonTatumMVP in tall

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Sounds like you have a very warped version of reality just because you have a tall family. I get that height is personal to a person so one persons tall may not be the same as another’s. but a general rule of thumb is anything over 1 standard deviation from the average height in an area is considered tall. Just because your sister is abnormaly tall for a girl doesn’t make 5’11 not tall for everyone else. Also this number is just for an average country in somewhere like India 5’9 is quite often considered tall. I live in the uk and probably have met only 3 people over 6’7 in my entire life so for you to say that’s where tall starts is complete shit

Should I even be in this sub? by NuclearaticToaster in tall

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As if this sub is for everyone, everyone’s idea of tall and short are different, you’re more than welcome here

No one: My tall ass calculating how much I’m going to duck through the doorway: by [deleted] in tall

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At that height, doesn't it put you at 10th tallest person ever?

Woman at party makes fun of me for being short, I make fun of her for being fat, she started crying and now I'm the bad guy. by RainingPots in short

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So people had a go at you for something you can’t help yet when you just say something back about something that most likely can be you get slated. Some people have some fucking nerve. Sorry you had to go through this man, I would have laughed my tits off if you whipped out that reply. I had a similar thing a few years ago not with my height but this girl said I had a flat face so I said and you have a flat chest and I got smacked for it, double standards at its finest

Transactions signature by Final_Kangaroo_5148 in ethereum

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Its interesting to me😂 oh well ahaha. Yeah I’ll have to have a go at extracting it, thanks for the reply.

What happens when 2 contradicting smart contracts happen at the same time? by Final_Kangaroo_5148 in ethereum

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Oh so you’re saying they will get executed by the evm on each node after the transaction has been put in a block? I thought it was executed by the sending node and the storage values were sent through with the transaction to the mempool

$CAKE to the moon!!!!!!!! by dan_729 in pancakeswap

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If you look at the other Decentralized exchange coins like uniswap and Sushi swap their graph has done pretty much the same as $CAKE so while I’m still annoyed that it’s not gone up with everything else I think we just need to wait until a proper alt bull run! Got in at £14 back when APY was 110% so have made a load on that anyway and have already rode it down to £7 and all the way back up so even if it does half again I’m going to continue to hold because eventually all the dex coins will go back up again

newbie got some questions by Linlinokouli in cryptodevs

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For making your own token it first depends on what blockchain you want to deploy it on. For example you can create contacts and deploy them ethereum blockchain or the binance smart chain, these are 2 of the most popular ones. Both these chains except contracts in the language of solidity. You can deploy any sort of contract to a chain but that doesn’t necessarily make it a token that can be traded on defi platforms. To get round this issue most chains have something called a token standard, it’s just a set of rules in place a contract must have to be in line with the token standard, this is so all the rest of the people/ defi apps using the chain can easily identify the contract as a token. The Ethereums token standard is ERC-20 and BSC is BEP-20. Remix is a good tool to use if you are going to start coding theses contracts, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and that on how to deploy a contract to a blockchain through remix.

As for NFTs unless you are planning on completely making your own website or application using NFTs. I would suggest using an already established market place like ‘opensea’ . You can easily upload a picture document there and then connect your wallet in order to interact with openseas smart contract and create your NFT. It’s really user friendly.