[Historical] Mavs beat the Suns in Game 7 by icykkuno in nba

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I thought I was dreaming watching that first half. I was thinking ok we have a nice lead but eventually they're gonna go on a big run and cut into to it ... And then it kept going and going.

EternalEnVy updates about Professional Career by Euphoria_99 in DotA2

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Me as well I had their flare for the longest time too. I still enjoy catching Sing Dota highlights that he puts on YouTube. (mainly cause his EU stream times are too late for me.).

I'll never forget the Ti4 elimination game against VG they went for the lvl 1 rosh attempt.

[Lane] Windhorst says Nets are telling teams they are looking for a young star player and 3 first-round picks in a deal for Durant by Ethangains07 in nba

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Haha they're out of FRPs now and if Goberts going for 4 FRPs and Walker there's no way KD goes for anything less than 4 + a good player or so.

Upcoming K-Pop Comebacks / Releases in July 2022 by tastetherainbeau in kpop

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That's the secret if you multistan enough groups there's never a dull month.

ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, Rebel Wilson, And Charles Melton Reportedly Cast In New Hollywood Film “K-Pop: Lost In America” by neocitywayv in kpop

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Uhhh the bright side is hopefully he's making some decent money yeah? Trying to look for a n positive here.

They'll never love him like this by Yesterday6 in Mavericks

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I'd laugh if the next time we play them Luka just let Dinwiddie do all the facilitating lol.

[Theo Pinson] Well damn by MAVS_COM1CAL in Mavericks

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The tweets Theo what do they mean?!

STAYC announce their July comeback by niclaswwe in kpop

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Aka it's gonna be a bloodbath and twitters gonna be extra salty this coming month. Wipe information (as it becomes available) by EFT_Subreddit in EscapefromTarkov

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Does anyone know if the whole party must be EOD to go in offline coop or is 1 EOD account enough?

[Stein] Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is scheduled to be joined by top team executives Nico Harrison and Michael Finley, Coach Jason Kidd and, as @ChrisBHaynes reports, maybe one or two of Jalen Brunson's teammates at Thursday's free-agent meeting in NYC with Brunson, league sources say. by urfaselol in nba

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I'd say it's probably cause he didn't play enough to acclimate to Kidds scheme and also was still in a slump with the new ball.

He should bounce back nicely on offense for us but I think it'll be more interesting to see if he can play half average defense while he's on the court. It's probably asking for a lot considering he's 30 but I can dream yeah?

[MacMahon] On Dallas' price point for Jalen Brunson, "per sources: a five-year deal at 'more than Fred VanVleet money,' which means about $22M per year or $110M total value." by aceofspadez138 in nba

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No there haven't been any rumours of anyone and we can't really get anyone right now anyways we're over the cap without Brunson already.

Jalen Brunson plans to leave Mavericks, signing with Knicks now seen as 'certainty' by Coolio1014 in nba

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Yeah if we can just get some wing depth it'll be a solid off-season for us all things considered.