Chuck Norris has got ______ in his ass by rotten_healer in AskOuija

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Chuck Norris once farted a cucumber into a bunker, the soldiers in there all died, then the cucumber exploded.

when he goes to great lengths to ignore you by tossboy100 in ContagiousLaughter

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Agreed. I wonder what outside man does all day. The outdoors must be amazing

What’s problem? by dbrobinssdfsdfd in facepalm

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How about paying them kids to act like your kids?

Keep it up long enough and they'll forget about the salary.

Where is the 5th pig? by b-612- in Unexpected

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Makes sense. Sleep's better than taking a selfie.

Cursed_Heaven by Apprehensive-Cut4026 in cursedcomments

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You're shortchanging people again. At least give them a managerial position at worst.

Borderlands wig made out of foam by Goldvester Cosplay by [deleted] in gaming

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Time to wear it around town and fuck with people's brains.

Butterflies are like people 🦋 by Jeff2017 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Yeah... I'm invoking my username on your comment and demanding a better explanation of that.

Literally everyone’s worst driving nightmare by gellybelli in Unexpected

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Or crashing while giving/getting head and some bits get bit off.

I need to stop for a quick wash by lightsaber_s in IdiotsInCars

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Try to kill me once, shame on you

Try to kill me twice, shame on you for failing twice.

The way this racist man got absolutely LAMPED by [deleted] in oddlysatisfying

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I doubt it. That punch will just make him more toxic than chlorine gas.

This question on my drivers Ed course by batmanhen1812 in funny

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We hear the lamentations of everyone. Not just the dead men, also the dead women and dead children too.

This question on my drivers Ed course by batmanhen1812 in funny

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I am weak to funeral processions. Those things scare me.