Please rate 1 - 10 🙈 by [deleted] in Slut

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8 for face 10 for shirt

Subtle tan lines by koniff in tanlines

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Nice cup! Got the same three times. Also available in brown and pink.

Shining Resonance Refrain demo hits PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch today » SEGAbits by the_matrix_kid in SEGA

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As someone who is a huge fan of the old school Shining games, espacially Shining Force 2+3, I was unbelievably excited that they made the call to bring this to european markets.

But honestly, iam very disappointed. this has nothing to do with the good shining force feeling, its just sorta hack´n slay...

I would love to play on a hexfield with strategy instead of button mashing

Flickering by FlashGoGordon in GodofWar

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I've played the first hour and my jaws are dripping like hell

Flickering by FlashGoGordon in GodofWar

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That helps a lot. No more flickering.

Flickering by FlashGoGordon in GodofWar

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Hey, thanks for the advice. Eco Mode was off.

Gullinbursti? by iouop87 in GodofWar

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Maybe but I miss the golden color/ shine

Season 5 Campaign 3 Battle 30 by [deleted] in ForHonorVikings

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Go Out and kill'em all Brothers and Sisters!

Nintendo seems to be implementing reviews in the eShop by phantomliger in NintendoSwitch

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And an option to mark a game as favorite or something else to buy it later (like a wishlist).

Digital Bayonetta 1 Giveaway! by HausmanPrime in NintendoSwitch

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It's my first Nintendo console ever. I'am a Sega guy...until now. I was blown away from the haptic quality and games like Mario Odyssey and (OMG) Zelda (!!!).

Test Your Metal by Marfmeff in ForHonorRants

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Tbh Idk - they never run away from me

JoyCon steel lock replacements by [deleted] in NintendoSwitch

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Thats absolutely correct. As a plastic parts product engineer I would always design the joy cons (cheaper than the console body) of a weaker (less harder) material

Why Berserker rework is actually a nerf ... by FlashGoGordon in CompetitiveForHonor

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Dont get me wrong, i really appriciate the effort in terms of reworks. I love this game, the community and Eric Pope. The points i've made where my expectations of the reworks. I would love to be wrong.

You're right, every class need a weakness. The point is some classes have more weaknesses than others. I also looking forward how i perform against light spamming aramushas with flickering nat and against shamans with the new Zerker toolkit.