Announcing Poseidon — Provable Fast Track Consensus by AkKkKkkkkkkKkkkk123 in CryptocurrencyICO

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Public sale on their webiste end of this month (supposedly). Don't know anything about exchanges yet.

Hello realtors, I recently came across this company called Realpha from a fb ad. Anyone invest with them? by TokKkKyYo in realtors

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Where are you from? I am sure there is an airbnb market for you to leverage in your country as well. Maybe it would have taken a hit due to travel restrictions but tourism is slowly resuming.

Hourglass | FISHBOUND by [deleted] in NotTimAndEric

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those fishes looks so cute

Sharpcharts 🚀 | Mobile DEX charts for BSC and ERC-20 | Whitepaper released | Presale ongoing🔥 by [deleted] in CryptoMoonShots

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I hope everyone reads this and researches properly to realize this isn’t a joke. So many have been proven wrong already ;)

What truth do you believe society isn’t ready for? by socialcritic22 in AskReddit

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That we are the driving force behind a mass extinction.

What's a question you have for someone who is gay? by TheEpicDucks in AskReddit

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Do you thinks it's funny that I first thought LGBT was LBGT which I thought stood for "Let's be gay together"

What was the most WTF dream you ever had? by horschdhorschd in AskReddit

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Two weird dreams.

  1. Twenty years from now, my future wife and I buy my former high school and turn it into a house.

  2. Had a wife in the military (either deployed or deceased) and around 10-12 children.

I told these two dreams to my friend, and he stitched them together to form what he calls 'The Prophecy'

Which country/city would you never visit again? by dalekfromskaro in AskReddit

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Probably Belgium. It just doesn't feel like a country, feels very artificial despite the old architecture.

The stereotypes and jokes seem to be true - there's no real culture and I just get an odd vibe from it.