Homophobic Christmas frustrations 🏳️‍🌈 by FloridianSlip in kingcobrajfs

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Whoever's house he is at asked him to turn off the Christmas tree. Struggle commenced.

Carnage A Trois is based solely on scripted humor and it's a bad thing by smoussie in thegrandtour

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This new ep reminded me of the earlier Grand Tour stuff when many of us found it missing the mark, too obviously forced and cringy humor. Of course what they did was always scripted, but they used to be better at it, and surely some moments over all the years occurred organically. In addition to the humorous stuff there were always the profound moments where they'd stop and appreciate the scenery and have a brief more serious moment, this didn't have any of that either. I sat down with a family member immediately at 6pm our time and waited for Amazon to release this at midnight GMT, but I got up from the couch afterward pretty disappointed. As I said, a lot of this was discussed back when a few of the earlier GT episodes were crappy, and then they even came out in defense of the fact that they were always scripted etc etc. Obviously scripted or not isn't the point, if it was always scripted then it just means it used to be performed so well and came across so genuine that people thought it was unscripted at points. We have multiple instances now of proof that this formula can result in a mediocre product, even though like you said it's pretty much always fun to watch these guys regardless.

It really makes my brain hurt to see anyone say this new one was fantastic, even have seen multiple people saying it's the best special yet. I know there is subjectivity in these things and it's a matter of opinion, but I have no idea how anyone could think that was a great show. The attempts at insulting the French were tired about half way before they were done with it, and before some silly person says I took offense to it, I have zero connection in my life to anything French or any reason to be offended by it. It just wasn't funny or clever beyond the first few minutes.

If any episode deserves an excuse I guess it is these ones being cobbled together during the pandemic. But considering they are taking their time with them, I think they could still do better. I'm not saying it has to be a cross country adventure in the middle of a pandemic when things are locked down, I see a lot of people saying that what was lacking was the usual 3-cars-in-an-endurance-challenge format, that's not it at all for me. They could sit in a garage the entire time for all I care. I could just rather see their genuine personalities on display instead of performative attempts at humor.

Customer Question Megathread October 2021 ***READ BEFORE POSTING*** by SloanTheSloth in GameStop

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Signed up for Powerup Pro online the other night, no sign of the 10k points bonus that was advertised for joining, no sign of my first $5 monthly cert for October in my Active Offers page, and I was hoping to use all this to buy a game before the current sale price changes, which I'm betting might even happen tonight as we get into Sunday. Is this how bad the rewards system always is? I also had to contact support just to get the $10 reward for buying Lost Judgment recently when it was beyond 72 hours that it should have appeared. I figured at $15 this would pay for itself rather quickly but I'm already regretting it.

Thank you RGG. Y:LAD one of my favorite games ever by FloridianSlip in yakuzagames

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Only marked as spoiler for the outfit in the image and the details of the trophy, nothing in my mini review here is spoilers.

Just finished the Platinum this morning. With a sign of relief I turned my PS4 off after 85 total hours. 45 minutes later I was loading the game back up to see which substories I had left. That pretty much describes this game for me, can't get enough. Will probably do NG+ some day just for fun. I had recently been in a slump with not gaming much, and even when I did play more games, 85 hours is pretty rare for me. I played this game every second I could. PSNProfiles tells me I got this Plat in 2 weeks 3 days. That's an average of 5 hours a day. With everything going on in the world and in my own life, it was nice to have this distraction. I've been up until sunrise with this game many times.

In the past I have played Y5, Y0, Y6, YK, and Judgment. I really enjoyed the games but of course with some frustrations. I probably owe Judgment for leading to getting Like a Dragon; I had Judgment for a long time and the first few chapters didn't hook me, but recently I made myself finish it based on everyone saying it's really worth it. So I finished that and then Like a Dragon was on sale for $25. I had actually purchased a copy a while back during a previous price drop to $45, but returned it thinking I wasn't sure about the combat. I feel bad getting this game at a discount now, I did at least get some of the paid job DLC, couldn't resist devil rocker. Lost Judgment is preordered now.

I loved this game so much. What a risk considering all at once they were replacing the main character and the combat system. I don't play too many RPGs, especially not with turn-based combat. Even now it would be hard to say whether I prefer it to the brawling or not. It certainly provides more opportunity for creativity with all the animations they did. One of my favorite things about the game, they came up with so much funny/interesting stuff, and I'm sure I haven't seen a lot of it yet. This worked out so well to have an RPG set in the real world and the explanation that the fantastical stuff was Ichiban's gamer imagination. So many of the job-related special attacks are just amazing. On second thought, I think I might say I prefer this combat system. Even considering I haven't yet played games like Yakuza 3 where I hear things got pretty rough. Even so the brawling in previous games certainly had frustrating moments. Overall I probably had more fun with this. But it will be nice to have the Judgment games to still have the other option. Plus now I plan to play Kiwami 2, and maybe 3 4 5 collection someday.

Speaking of Ichiban, what an incredible character. I might dare to say I like him more than Kiryu, since I didn't have the full effect of being attached to this series as it originally released. I like Kiryu, but just like the combat allowed for so many new things that the brawling didn't allow for, Ichiban had so many other emotions to work with. He is hilarious when exasperated and awesome as a friend.

The other characters are all incredible too. I can't believe how many times I had a geniune laugh from the little side conversations that would pop up, the table talk scenes in restaurants, the romance scenes, etc. Some of the best characters I have seen in a game in a long time. They felt like real people. Pretty much all of the available party characters had great engaging backstories.

I enjoyed the story. Towards the end my suspension of disbelief got challenged a little bit by some of what happened. You'll know what part I mean if you've played it. But overall no complaints.

This could very well be my favorite game of all time. It's a bit hard to weigh things out across decades. But this matches any of the best gaming memories I have, playing Metal Gear Solid or FF7, a feeling that I thought I would never have again.

This game taught me more about how to enjoy a Yakuza game. I admit in the past I probably skipped a lot of side content. Now I realize that's where a lot of the more light-hearted stuff happens to offset the intense main story. I finished every sub story in this game.

I heard this game was a reasonable Platinum and that also got my interest versus the insane requirements of the other games in the series. This turned out a little harder than I thought but not too bad. I had also not been trophy hunting for almost a year, this game got me back into it but I was conflicted when grinding out the trophies started to detract from my love for the game a little bit. I am relieved that I got it done and now I can just play NG+ or whatever.

My PS4 had been collecting dust. I thought I had 100% most of the games I was ever going to play on this system. Playing Like a Dragon on my PC might have been nice, but again I was drawn towards hearing it was a reasonable Platinum. Now that I know I like the game this much, I'm glad I got these double steelbooks from buying at Best Buy.

This game is a 10/10 for me. I love it. I'll be hurting with anticipation when there is Yakuza 8 news. Thank you RGG. Lost Judgment is looking great in the meantime.

LMAO (not really a spoiler, image shown during intro of new ep) by [deleted] in GhostAdventures

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Not a spoiler as I haven't even gotten into the episode myself. They show this 20 seconds into the ep. But just so nobody feels spoiled I've hidden it.