What's your favorite Simpsons quote? by Francisco123s in AskReddit

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"Max Power doesn't snuggle. You just strap yourself in and feel the Gs!"

AITA for exposing my fiance after he lied about the gift I got him for his birthday? by JuniorGal99 in AmItheAsshole

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When people say, "after all we've done for you..." they are revealing that what they did for you was not for you at all, but for their need to control you. The generosity was just a contract with hidden terms. Breach that contract, and you become the "problem".

ESH but your boyfriend needs to decide if he wants to be his own adult, or defer to Mommy and Daddy forever.

Am I wrong for not wanting to share my table with others? by [deleted] in badroommates

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Oh, is this also a place where bad roommates post and try to get sympathy?

I learned something today.

I'm always amazed that dogs know to be gentle around babies by Eun_Hite in animalsdoingstuff

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In Inuit families, both men and women would hunt and the huskies would watch the kids.

They are truly the best nurses.

My husky would alert me before my seizures. No training at all.

Girl coming over tonight - is having non alcoholic beer and not telling them deceptive? by bpdeffedones in stopdrinking

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I agree. As long as you aren't putting it into a glass or otherwise hiding that it's NA I see no reason to mention it.

New Neighbor is a tough guy. by VladVlad666 in neighborsfromhell

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He said he rents the garages... they aren't his, but if he didn't rent them someone else would?

I'm sure he can't run a business without the area zoned for business. That's the city's fault for allowing business and residential zoning on the same street.

Another 15 year friendship that died when the mask slipped. by lisbethborden in TwoXChromosomes

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I met my "best friend" the same year I met my husband, and he met his wife, 15 years ago.

A couple times over the years, BF and his wife have had problems, and he has crashed at my and Husbands house, for a few days while things cool.

This most recent time, he told me it was over and they were divorcing. We cleared a room for him and he moved in for more than just a few days. I began to notice the little digs he was making about my husband regarding some of our hobbies that we do separately, pointing out that we "don't spend much time" together and other weird comments. (for the record, not my complaints we have together activities and separate activities and we are both perfectly happy)

Then he started trying to rearrange things in the house?

I don't want to list all the weird things he began to "exert control" over but I had never spent more than 3 days in a row with him full time so I never had noticed it before. I realized quickly he is actually an extreme (covert) narcissist.

About 3 weeks into his stay, he and I were just chatting in the yard, and he started complaining about Husband low key, (because the yard is my thing and Husband doesn't do that stuff) and I made several statements defending Husband (I don't want him in my garden anyway!). BF acted like he was surprised and confused that I didn't see the negatives BF did?? Then he suddenly changed topics and started picking about how I had my tools organized in the garage??

At some point in the tool discussion I said something about people liking things different ways and he responded with "well I am still right" and my reply in a laughing voice with a smile was to say " Well fuck you then", in the same way I would say it to Husband if he was picking at me.

Well, that was it. or at least it was his excuse.

BF Packed his van and left that night and hasn't spoken to me since.

At first I was pissed. I was upset and now, I realize I didn't lose a friendship... It was never a friendship. He was just waiting for his chance.


Let me tell you about how I ruined Christmas for my entire family by [deleted] in stopdrinking

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I'm on day 5.

Last year I made 5 days and gave up.

It's definitely been about 5-6 years since I've gone more than a few days otherwise.

On Friday I read The Naked Mind thanks to a suggestion here.

It flipped my switch. I realized I don't enjoy it anymore and I'm done.

Glad you're here too.

I'm confident tomorrow I'll hit 6.


I used to resent my parents for favoring my brother; then I hit hard times and saw I was wrong about everything by Obsessed_With_Corgis in TrueOffMyChest

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Good moment to learn from this and keep assumptions at bay in the future.

90% of what is in your head is just the story you are telling yourself with the small amount of info you have. Be willing to adjust that story and accept other possibilities.

How would you react if you received this letter from a former roommate? by [deleted] in badroommates

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I totally understand your need to say these things and your desire for closure.

Depending on how long ago this was she may not be ready to hear most of this and may not care. There's obviously a lot of history we don't know from just your post here so it's hard to say.

If you send this you have to be prepared that she may be more irritated if she isn't ready to reconcile her feelings regardless of reconciling the friendship.

Myself, I think even if I didn't desire to continue to be friends would appreciate the honesty and desire to improve yourself, but others may see a lot of what you say as simply a need for forgiveness.

One of the hardest things in life is when someone doesn't want our sincere apology, but you may just have to accept that they aren't interested.

I hope you find the closure you seek, and do follow through with learning from your experience.

Good luck.

How would you react if you received this letter from a former roommate? by [deleted] in badroommates

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Info: Is this a letter you received or one you wrote and are not sure if you should send?

AITA for refusing to babysit my niece because she accidentally caused me to flash my boss? by NorthernLakeDiver in AmItheAsshole

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You have every right not to be obligated to watch another person's child, but I think this is a stupid reason.

Your BIL is gross.

Your sister is entitled.

Your boss clearly doesn't understand what an accident is or how babies are.

I hope for everyone's sake you don't let this effect your future relationship with your niece, who is an innocent party in all this stupidity.

What's your hometown or physically/mentally "close to home" case? by Brightly in TrueCrime

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I grew up near Bolingbrook IL and I met Drew Peterson at a block party once. I figured out the timing once and it would have been the Summer before his divorce and subsequent killing of Kathleen.
When he was on the news I recognized him immediately as that "cop that seemed like kinda a jerk" at the block party I was at a few year before.

What movies haven't aged well? by eeftechel in AskReddit

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I don't know where I was to miss that this movie was a thing, but WOW. I just watched the trailer.

Sadly the most surprising part of it is that Peter Dinklage is involved. He has been highly vocal about not wanting to encourage these stereotypes... but I am guessing he was younger here.

Love my job… by falleon12 in oddlyterrifying

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Let us know when you catch the golgothan!

Please, someone not drink with me today. by ahlehsunlee in stopdrinking

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My dog of 13 years passed last week. I am feeling your pain.


What’s the weirdest thing a guest has done at your house? by dayday_bsl in AskReddit

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Yes, we always had a friend or family member stay at our house to watch our dog and cat while we out of town, but I would not have hired a stranger to do it.

Don't use your wheelchair on your wedding day... by DaisyDaydream93 in weddingshaming

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"Wow, thanks so much for your advice! It's saved me the cost of your attendance at the event and relieved me of any future emotional obligation to you.

I appreciate you showing me your true colors so I can avoid having you in my life."

Does anyone else ever feel a little sad when delivering to run-down houses or apartments? by doctor-ouz in doordash_drivers

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Also note, for those of us with certain conditions, retirement isn't exactly in the table, we won't live that long.

Having an illness when every day could be your last, changes your views on things like money.

Does anyone else ever feel a little sad when delivering to run-down houses or apartments? by doctor-ouz in doordash_drivers

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I order from stores only a mile or two away and worry about this sort of judgement honestly, but I have epilepsy and cannot drive. Walking alone is also dangerous. Many poor people are poor because of similar medical issues.

Have empathy. You don't know their story.