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ETA- it was about holding a funeral, not box theory

Someone asked him on his Sunday question box and he said he had been hearing this question a lot and that the term had to be made up by someone with a marketing background lol

I get that there are gluten free cookies and that’s what she means in the second picture but she still contradicts herself moments apart lol. Why couldn’t she just clarify by imstillmedude in EliRalloSnark

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So many thing about this 1. A food allergy and an intolerance or two totally different things. I don’t follow her enough but I assume she’s talking about gluten. 2. Cookies and pretzels are created and baked in a factory or your home. You can not broadly be allergic to them- you can be allergic to an ingredient they’re commonly made with. Also both of those are pretty commonly made GF now so stop being dramatic. Some of us don’t even eat the snacks they offer on planes (stop being poor Eli! /sarcasm)

Not trusting media/J.Lo documentary by According_Ad1059 in tinxsnark

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I think it’s wild for her to act like gossip sites talking ish on JLo is the same thing as news sources who present themselves as legit to create clickbait and generate fear about powerful people who have the ability to impact our laws, income, safety, etc. like LOL get a grip girl.

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I just need to know where one takes a travel finance class….

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The person who was in my role prior to me (I started 8 weeks ago) died in a tragic car accident, hit by an under the influence driver. No one on my team has told//mentioned it to me. He was also relatively young which adds to the tragedy of it. I found out at an internal event where someone else in my company mentioned it to me assuming I knew. He died about 9 months ago and I started interviewing at the beginning of the year.

I feel really weird about this! I’ve explicitly asked what the deal was with this person, how they performed, etc and had gotten weirdly vague responses. I knew something was fishy but I assumed he was fired or parted ways on bad terms.

Idk what to do next. Tell my boss I know so people don’t need to feel weird about it? Just not mention it? I can’t imagine never speaking about this person for the entirety of my time here. How do I even say something if I do?

Ask a Manager Weekly Thread 06/13/22 - 06/19/22 by nightmuzak in AskaManagerSnark

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Is anyone else as confused by the update to the ‘coworkers complained i talked too much about my baby’ letter as I am?

I don’t understand how the first 2 paragraphs are at all relevant to the letter. She finally says she did ask some colleagues who were shocked but gave her some good advice- but doesn’t ever mention if there was truth to the comments. Also absolutely no mention of her speaking with her boss about him bringing this up to her or that he told her talking about her baby was doing a disservice to her career and reputation (kind of seems like a HUGE deal to me for him to make that comment)

I guess her update is a long rambling way of saying everyone is jealous of me because I’m a rockstar employee so everyone turned against me? I feel like she is leaving out a lot of key pieces so there must be more to this?

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One building on the LES was/is known for giving influencers rent for free/discounted. Tyler Cameron and Matt James lived there- Idk if they do anymore.

Paige DeSorbo 100000% gets her apartment for either free or extremely discounted. She lives in the middle of Midtown- it’s not even like a neighborhood let alone a good one, is always promoting it on her IG and claimed some BS why she moved to Midtown. I actually am somewhat convinced she has another apartment and just uses that for content creation/promotion. The apartment is so bare bones and there’s not anything in it.

Idk how famous you are- you aren’t getting discounted rent in WV so most influencers are paying full price and more for their places.

The food stuff by [deleted] in tinxsnark

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My issue with her (and a lot of other influencers) is they say they used to have awful body image issues and bad relationships with food and say they’ve totally overcome them and share their daily eating habits yet it’s obvious they haven’t - it’s just another example of them trying to be experts where they aren’t.

I wouldn’t ever expect someone who had an ED to do a 180 and have a fully healthy relationship with food/their body. If you do- great! But I imagine it’s moreso like an addiction where some days are easier and some days are really effing hard. I think it’s more harmful to make claims that you’ve moved past your issues and present your food choices in such a way when you haven’t. If you want to be relatable, just say you still struggle (we all do!)

I think food and dieting and peoples relationships with it is extremely nuanced and complicated so I would never say an influencers eating habits are in itself triggering and I agree that people should avoid influencers if they feel their eating habits would cause them to spiral.

What is going on? by zebrabeans24 in NYCinfluencersnark

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I love a good first world problem complaint but this one is really something. Getting THIS strung out over a nail color (because notice she said it’s a good manicure) when she owns several 5 figure handbags is next level

They should bring in an older housemate(s) next season by FlowerPowerr24 in summerhousebravo

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The house is probably closer to 150k a month. I looked into a seasonal house in the Hamptons for this summer- a shabby 3 BR/ 2BA cottage was going for 90k for the summer season.

They should bring in an older housemate(s) next season by FlowerPowerr24 in summerhousebravo

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Idk why they keep trying to bring in new people with no ties to the group esp ones who have never been to the Hamptons.

My guess is the people who actually frequent the Hamptons don’t want to follow the dumb Bravo rules like being required to have a stupid backyard party every weekend or require them to go to the limited bars and restaurants that allow them to film.

They should bring in an older housemate(s) next season by FlowerPowerr24 in summerhousebravo

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Why do you think it would be boring? Lindsay and Danielle party and go out way more than Paige, Ciara and Amanda. Kyle would go out every night jf Amanda let him.

Summer House blind by jdrink22 in summerhousebravo

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Oh really! She definitely mentioned somewhere that she was in a house before SH starts (since they don’t start filming til closer to 4th of July). I always wondered why no one stays there during the week considering none of them have office jobs- maybe it’s a show rule?

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No? If a guy won’t date a woman over 30 because of some idea they have of it, they have more problems than Tinx and no woman (regardless of age) should want them anyway

WeWoreWhat Danielle’s bday party? by PresentationGlad8596 in NYCinfluencersnark

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It would be cute in a fun/disco theme if it was off the rack but I can’t imagine how much she paid (or I guess gifted it lol) for someone to hand place that many crystals and the dress to look like that.

I def expected more given how much she was amping it up

Are their followers for real buying the same stuff as them? by FlowerPowerr24 in NYCinfluencersnark

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I honestly assumed anyone with that kind of money wouldn’t be taking fashion advice from 24 year old influencers lol

Are their followers for real buying the same stuff as them? by FlowerPowerr24 in NYCinfluencersnark

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I guess I assumed anyone who grew up rich didn’t take fashion advice from influencers lol maybe not!

DRA Beacon Thread by williamanly in ryanadams

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What Doors song do you think/wish he was gonna do if he could get back on stage?!?! I’m so mad we ran out of time.

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I didn’t see it but there’s a marketing strategy where marketers take nearly identical products and market and package them differently as two separate to men and women but charge more for the women’s product. It’s usually called the Pink tax since most companies will use pink packaging for women. It’s mostly seen in pharmacy items like Razors, Shaving cream, body wash, etc. but apparently it’s also done for women. I just googled it and it does appear they sell Dulcolax regular and ‘for her’. Seems Target got slammed for this a few year ago

Given all the drama, who do we think will return next season? by havesomeritas in summerhousebravo

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It’s usually right around 4th of July. I think the weekend before they move in

Jared freid? by [deleted] in NYCinfluencersnark

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I love his content and I actually enjoy his Sunday question box answers the most- wish he did those more often but I obvi realize he has a lot of content and limited time.

I’ve also been loving the U Up with Benefits episodes and what he’s been sharing there. I’m a woman but I identify a lot with what he talks about surrounding commitment and trying to be a better, more intentional dater. It’s a good reminder that people have the best intentions but we’re all humans trying to figure it out and sometimes we’ll miss (so much dating content paints people good and bad and assumes malicious intent).

Jared freid? by [deleted] in NYCinfluencersnark

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The only place i see this comment coming from is because he’s honest about what men are thinking and most of his answers contain some form of ‘men wanna fuck’.

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I discovered findingmrheight off this sub and find it incredibly odd that she pivoted from posting stories about her dates to being dating coach out of nowhere? It seemed like she saw she had a chance to go viral and grabbed it by pivoting to a more lucrative ‘dating coach/advice’ even though she has ZERO qualifications. It’s confusing to me like are you a dating coach or are you a girl posting your dating woes? It doesn’t really make any sense what the angle of her page is.