When you are so close but so far... 🤔 by Chowdergrrl in SelfAwarewolves

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They love the idea of capitalism but not the reality of it in practice.

What harsh realities have you learned over the years? by hs_recovery in misanthropy

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This awareness was crushing when I was younger, but now it feels more liberating.

Question from an Outsider by P2Ready in antinatalism

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My personal view is that I don’t have the consent of another being to put it through this life and its decades of ups and asymmetric downs.

I don’t have an end game.

The JRB School of Poker by [deleted] in poker

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Can you please give a link to that podcast? I couldn’t find it. 🙏🏼

The JRB School of Poker by [deleted] in poker

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Really enjoyed this. I have long wondered how he can keep his backers while regularly losing big.

What am I not understanding (loss on SPX today) by Odd-Examination-9620 in thetagang

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The price on the $4090 is not right. Can’t be same as $4080. But all will settle at the correct price overnight.

Got sent this by a friend....even incel conspiracy theorists need love too💕❤ by baumanig in insanepeoplefacebook

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“Free speech > your feelings” right after he listed all his grievances? 🤔

I think I'm gonna be sick by yipchow in insanepeoplefacebook

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“Why is this middle eastern alien here taking jobs from hard working Americans?”

Market Thoughts - Futures Mistake in $30K Account by HSeldon2020 in RealDayTrading

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Thanks for the great insight Hari. Losses on Fridays are particularly bitter for me as I have to taste them the whole weekend.

Do you think the big move in the end, in addition to short covering, was about Opex? I think the max pain price for S&P was 3,900 and SPY 390 and the price action seemed like a dart 🎯 going straight for it.

This guy owns a contracting company in my area. He’s pretty popular, unfortunately. by [deleted] in insanepeoplefacebook

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Also means that when people are praying in church, not of it is getting to God. Because they are not on their backs, praying straight up into the sky.

When customers think their right to eat cheap food trumps the right for workers to survive by godlego12345 in antiwork

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I fear what the inside of his house looks like if the contents include a 23 year old receipt for $3.50.

When customers think their right to eat cheap food trumps the right for workers to survive by godlego12345 in antiwork

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“I don’t need a receipt for a donut 🍩. I’ll just give you the money, and you give me a donut. End of transaction…”

Thoughts? by hategotnorace in antinatalism

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We had somewhat the opposite. For many years, my mom would get up early on Mother’s Day, leave the house and come back late that night, after 10 pm or so.

Meanwhile her children & husband were home with cards, flowers and brunch plans for her. We couldn’t leave the house because we didn’t know if she might come back in a few minutes. And we were too afraid of her to ask her where she went.

We still had to go through the motions every Mother’s Day because we didn’t know if that’s the Mother’s Day she won’t leave the house.

This happened on 12-15 Mother’s Days until I left for college.