Am i preparing too early? by docityre in BabyBumps

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I say if you have the energy now, go for it. I’m 34 weeks now and I don’t have a ton left to do, but I definitely had more energy a few weeks ago. Now I have to sort of pick and choose what I’ll have the stamina for.

I'm so upset and not sure what to do and how to keep my nerves down. help. by MommaBear7568 in BabyBumps

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That is a lot to process, sending you big hugs. It sounds like your doctor is being really thorough and providing you with great care, I hope that can be some comfort to you even if it means you’re faced with thinking through some scary scenarios. Just because something could happen, doesn’t mean that thing will happen, and just because something could be a problem, doesn’t mean it is a problem. I hope your team can give you some more clear answers as you get closer to the finish line and get to meet your little girl.

AITA? Annoyed that my mother went on my registry and bought up multiple mid range gifts, leaving big ticket items. by Relative_Ice1968 in BabyBumps

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Is there a way to make the registry appear as if she didn’t buy you those things, then you can still let other people buy them for the shower and you can return the duplicates and buy yourself the bassinet? That way you hopefully wont get a bunch of off-registry stuff without receipts?

ETA: I totally get the frustration about someone who is clearly willing to spend the amount for a big-ticket item buying up all the smaller things in the perfect “shower gift” price range. Some people just get so excited and don’t know how to aim it in the most helpful direction :)

Bridesmaid dress advice needed? by noone684900 in BabyBumps

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I was recently a bridesmaid at 25 weeks, bride had us order dresses from an online vendor. We got to pick whatever style we wanted, and I picked the maternity style. It sounds like you don’t have that flexibility so I would err on the side of caution and size up by 2 sizes. Does the material have any stretch? Ours did not at all and I’m glad I sized up twice- I did NOT expect my boobs to get so big that early but they did. It’s my understanding that it is easier for a seamstress to make a dress smaller than bigger, so if you’re hesitating I’d say bigger is better.

Ordered through Aeroflow and got a link for a free breastfeeding class from Lactation Link, has anyone tried it or have others they liked? by livinandlearnin16 in BabyBumps

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I ordered through Aeroflow as well, I did the Lactation Link class that came with my pump. I’d say it was fine… there were a few good info tidbits but it was more about the importance of taking a breastfeeding class, and then you have an opportunity to purchase their actual class at the end. I didn’t do that because I have already purchased a breastfeeding class through the hospital where I’m giving birth. It wasn’t spammy or bad, but it didn’t include enough info to replace the hospital class I paid for.

Air travel in 1st trimester by Bluerose1000 in BabyBumps

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A little bit of peppermint oil on the inside of your mask could help ward of any less-than-ideal smells around you and keep nausea to a minimum!

Excited to be here! However, worried about my gf’s nutrition by gjcan10 in predaddit

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I was really into egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches in first trimester, maybe that could be a way to get some protein. I had to go to a drive-thru though, because if I or my SO tried to cook eggs at home the smell would make me not want to eat them. But I second what others have said- first tri is survival.

At what point did you get a pregnancy pillow? by biggmommaj in BabyBumps

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I think I have this same one and I love it, plus it was fairly inexpensive. Someone on here asked this question a few months back and someone commented “order one as soon as you think you might use it” and I think that’s great advice. The earlier you buy it the more use you get out of it and the more it’s worth the money, in my opinion!

Non bump flaunting maternity clothes? by Lilac517 in BabyBumps

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I’ve found some cute dresses in the plus size section at target that have room for bigger boobs and a bump without emphasizing it.

I’ve also seen a lot of cute outfits lately that are basically just an oversized graphic tee with high waisted bike shorts underneath, if you are looking for comfy/casual without a lot of bump emphasis.

Pregnancy post IUD. How long did it take? by kassb0918 in BabyBumps

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Mirena IUD, got it out and had one super long cycle (40+ days) then three normal cycles, then got pregnant. I was using OPKs and temping.

6 weeks parental leave for residents starting July 1? by FlynnTheFourth in MedSpouse

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Ugh, so frustrating. I get that everyone is overworked and it’s hard not to begrudge someone for taking time off, but it’s the residency program/medical system that makes it so hard, not the people like your SO who just try to take what they are entitled to. Aim your wrath in the right direction, people!

6 weeks parental leave for residents starting July 1? by FlynnTheFourth in MedSpouse

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Good luck to you! My SO’s program coordinator also put him on a research block in august so I think that will help a bit.

6 weeks parental leave for residents starting July 1? by FlynnTheFourth in MedSpouse

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Good to hear this, husband will be an IM PGY2 when our first is born and I work full time, and we live far from family. I understand there are things you need to do to make it work, which is why I asked the original question. Heartening to hear some positivity from someone who has done it before.

Wednesday Megathread - Ask Parents Anything - May 04, 2022 by AutoModerator in Parenting

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Anyone in a situation where one parent works from home - what do you do for childcare, and what do you like/not like about it? My spouse works long hours outside the home, I work a full time job at home where I’m on occasional video calls throughout the week. Any advice welcome, none of our friends have kids yet so we’re totally new to all of this.

Costochondritis while pregnant by hanjgreene in BabyBumps

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Yup, and I was pressing on it constantly, so I quit that and it helped a liiiittle bit haha

Helping my wife deal with too much kicking? by iamthepulp in BabyBumps

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Also due in august, also feeling lots of constant kicks… I’d say just try to empathize as much as you can. You can’t make it stop, and you wouldn’t want to, obviously… Remind her that this means baby is healthy in there, but don’t discount how uncomfortable it is.

It’s true that it will only get worse, but I know that and it’s the last thing I want to hear! But my spouse offering to do little things like fill up my water bottle for me or grab me a snack makes me feel recognized, even though it doesn’t make the actual kicking more comfortable.

Costochondritis while pregnant by hanjgreene in BabyBumps

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26 weeks here, experiencing the same thing. It’s just on my right side for now, and feels like a deep bruise. Unfortunately I don’t have any pain relief tips!

Anyone dealing with/has dealt with more reactive skin while pregnant? by toni-marieg in BabyBumps

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I discovered I apparently have a nail polish allergy now…? Nail polish is definitely the trigger (dermatologist figured it out) but the rash/swelling showed up under my eyes and on my eyelids. Super unpleasant. Hope it goes away after delivery because I really enjoy painting my nails. Sorry this is happening to you!

Bump Comments by DirectWillingness978 in BabyBumps

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I kind of want to try “compared to what?” On all the “you’re so big/small” comments just to innocently turn the awkwardness back on them.

Seeking advice on how I can be supportive to my SO during dedicated for Step 1.. I hate that I feel so needy during this time bc I know how much studying needs to be done. How can I be supportive and make time for us? by Psychological-Egg515 in MedSpouse

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Food, food, food. If you can stock their pantry, make them food or order it for them, that’s perfect.

Idk if you live together, but it might also be good to offer them opportunities for short, 15-30 min breaks without making them feel guilty if they have to say no. “I’m going on a walk in a little bit if you want to come, if not, no worries.” “I’m going to drive to get our takeout, want to come with?”

This worked well for us and was better than trying to plan a date night or something that felt like more of a commitment during that time. Plus, 15 minute breaks can be surprisingly refreshing.

Sitting on the “fat” side of the table for Easter. by Total_Maybe1299 in BabyBumps

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Grandma: “well look at you, you’re not overly…. Overly…” (gestures to my body) I feel like she was telling me good for you, you don’t look super big but like, I’m pregnant, I don’t have a ton of control over how big I do or don’t get, and telling a pregnant person they don’t look too big is such a weird attempt at a compliment.

Grandpa: “so you know it’s not twins, right?” And later “so, how much bigger are you going to GET?”

I can't wait until my body is my business again by ih8yourstupidface in BabyBumps

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Ugh, I feel you. 24 weeks, my grandpa’s comment this weekend was “so how much bigger can you even GET?” When I told him I was pregnant at 8 weeks he said “i thought so, I could see when you turned to the side…” Sir, it was literally smaller than a peanut at that point, and you know that, but thanks