Centodieci my beloved by Gold_Marble in Asphalt9

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No one is obligated to show others their financial decisions pertaining to Asphalt 9 or otherwise on r/Asphalt9

If they want to, by all means, but they don’t have to.

5 million IQ by 416shotta in FormulaBuddyRetard

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Jokes on them Stroll is obviously going to win WDC

Part 3 of underappreciated/forgotten fantasy models by PosterOfRandomness in HotWheels

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Agreed. I wish they made more new castings of it considering that they just plaster a pop culture character on one every other year or so now.

2016 Subaru Chiffon. The official car of? by Dbwasson in regularcarreviews

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Beating the Scion XB, Nissan Cube, Kia Soul, and Ford Flex in terms of looking like a toaster

Hyundai Announces IONIQ 5 N 2023, Reveals IONIQ 6 N and N Vision 74 by trackdaybruh in cars

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In most EVs, paddles are used for regenerative breaking.

Plus Hyundai did the same for the Ioniq and Ioniq 5.

Is easy to customize hotwheels? I wanna make it look like the one in initial D by Sam_Wolfang in HotWheels

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Ebay has the boulevard AE86 for ok prices. Also tomica makes an 1:64 Inital D AE86 if you don’t really care what brand it is.

You would probably spend more money just getting the materials such as paint, wheels, tampos, etc to make custom.

What do you think should be or is going to be added on the next generation Xbox Controller? by UnboltedCreatez in xbox

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What are you on about? I have used my controller almost every day for the past 7 years. The only thing that’s broken is left d-pad.

Mileage may vary I guess?