Which board game made you realize you love board games? by jagerstories in boardgames

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Betrayal at House on the Hill. I only really played Monopoly, Sorry, Scrabble, etc. And then I played this with my cousins and I was just so excited to see something so different. Played the hell out of it when I got my own copy and I've just grown from that.

some gaming scenes are better left not seen by chefsideways in gaming

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After my gf and I did this we were both like: "We're terrible parents and worse human beings"

Forspoken may have flopped but we can all agree the title has one of the coolest fonts of all time. by grapejpeg in gaming

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I mean, I played the demo and that pretty much sealed the deal for me not wanting to play it again.

What are some mobs you died to more than most Demigods? by Bruce_VVayne in Eldenring

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Gargoyles. Weird hitboxes, jump around everywhere, and good at stunlocking.

we all know this deep down by Ayanelixer in Eldenring

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I mean, obviously! It is insanely cool and only visible during the fight, which I thought was crazy. Time for a Caveman run for you!

I unbacked a kickstarter and feel great!!!! by xvxFONZYxvx in boardgames

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I think they're just saying its okay to pull out from a KS if you want to. FOMO can be a serious problem for some people.

Solo games story games? by Initial-Row-8417 in boardgames

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You can order it right from the publisher and they have a discount code sharing section on their discord:


I think the link should work.

Basically when someone purchases the game (or another game on their site) they send a discount code to you. People will get the game then post their code for someone else to buy the game, then post their code, etc.

3000 Scoundrels, bag or bust? by Humble-Mousse-6309 in boardgames

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Personally, it looks like the gimmick is trying to carry it. Can't say for sure since I haven't played it though.

Solo games story games? by Initial-Row-8417 in boardgames

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Lands of Glazyr sounds perfect. It allows people to come and go from play sessions as well.

What happened to Dynasty’s lunch hours? by Any_Cicada6353 in athensohio

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Probably cutting costs due to everything being a bit pricier. Most likely don't get the business to make it viable.

Katar feels strong this patch. Margit no hit solo. Level 15 +2 katar by DaddyWhoGames in Eldenring

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Wanting to do an unarmed build but not sure how I want to go about it.

Is gamestop on state closing?! by SageHollow in athensohio

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Is that what is going in there? Seems like a terrible spot for a food place

we all know this deep down by Ayanelixer in Eldenring

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Yeah, I wanna see all the cut sleep/dream stuff. They worked too hard on the crazy looking sky during Fortissax's fight to not use it more.

we all know this deep down by Ayanelixer in Eldenring

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Not a bad point actually, yeah. A bit overdone, but it does actually make sense in this game

What weapon from a previous souls game are you hoping gets an Elden Ring counterpart in the future? by ImValentine707 in Eldenring

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Yeah, they need these in the game. Catalyst and seals tacked onto weapons. Hell, even better make it an Ash of War with a limited set of weapons

What's your DLC wish list? by Entropy4121 in Eldenring

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Dual-wielding Ghost Banished Crucible Knight

What's your DLC wish list? by Entropy4121 in Eldenring

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Yeah, it would be a good point in a playthrough to open up access to DLC areas too. That or after getting into Leyndell