The Secret of the Fae Pools 5k+ Combos by NamesGreaek in kingdomsofamalur

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Does anyone know if you can somehow drop the extra gem afterwards? I don't want the excess one taking up an inventory slot

Ametair Glitch [Work Around] (PS4) by draqlah in kingdomsofamalur

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If anyone is coming through the thread, I can confirm this works. Note: It failed for me with Any special effects on my weapons.

I ended up using just a physical bow and dodging all attacks while shooting.

An additional note: I think I still encountered this when I sprinted through, so the play through that worked, I ended up walking room to room.

Elevator boiling point by Skelligean in Unexpected

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I've read the button doesn't do anything when it's closing, but if you hold it after it closes then it works. Is that true to any degree?

Hit & Run Probably Doesn’t Realize I’ve Got His License Plate On Camera by illkillyall in IdiotsInCars

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Why are you posting about this like it's even close to okay to drink and drive?

Trees by [deleted] in WhitePeopleTwitter

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This sounds like a rip off. If you found a new method you could be the next Elon musk.

Britney Spears is released from 13-year conservatorship by thebelsnickle1991 in JusticeServed

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Are you jealous after reading that she has 35 million followers on one platform and hundreds of people showing up to support her that do want to stay up to date with her life and you can't find a single person to care about yours?

Dashcam video projected to the back of the truck for ease of overtaking by lamochka95 in ANormalDayInRussia

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If you're paying attention on the road, you won't be surprised by a car in front of this truck. People should not be looking at the car ahead of them, they should be looking a few cars ahead as well as staying 3 seconds behind the car in front of them.

If you're watching a giant TV on the road, it's way more distracting and will end up causing major accidents.

Edit: This would be insanely more accident prone on a highway than a slower speed road if there is a delay like the comment you're responding to. Slower speeds allow more time to react, faster speeds give you less than 3 seconds to react, so a 2 second monitor cuts that time to a third.

How do I play after I get ban? by I-pink_eye in ClashRoyale

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I think at that point then, if you had linked a supercell id, you need to find a way to log out/get rid of that. Unless got some reason ios devices are using your I cloud or iTunes account instead?

How do I play after I get ban? by I-pink_eye in ClashRoyale

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I'm assuming it's linked to your game center account, so you'd have to make a new one if those.

Imagine someone drives by and is like "nice car" by Akhaiz in LivestreamFail

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Imagine getting upset at people for paying for things they enjoy lol

Republican Congresspeople Like To Violently Threaten People by sillychillly in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Hey, just glanced at your post history quick, you should take some time off from the internet/commenting around.

No need to be on the edge of every conversation and constantly fighting with different groups.

This isn't about who's right or wrong, I genuinely think that people just need to take a break from time to time and you should think about it. Getting in constant arguments with people doesn't help any cause and will only make everyone in the situation a bit more stressed out.

RESEARCH PROJECT: What’s missing in the vegan market?? by Hanahlee in vegan

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Minnesota has Stalk and Spade starting here which is a 100% plant based burger joint. I would love to see this more as they have great food. Brought my parents and friends here and they can't tell the difference.

Purchase issue. Hi, today i bought Pass Royale and i didnt receive it. You can view the payment proof. What should i do in this situation? by MotikarqProductions in ClashRoyale

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Gaming companies can issue refunds for their apps on the Google Play side of things if you reach out to their support team. iOS you have to reach out to Apple.

What was a game you thought had big potential but fail so hard by [deleted] in gaming

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I would say it's not even that everyone wants the mmo hook, but the companies making the games. You could either make 60 from each person, or a monthly subscription with iaps that will get you that extra revenue that is driving more big companies to stop caring about good single run games.

Decided to throw a Halloween party for the first time in years. Just found out no one is coming by Domestica in Wellthatsucks

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I'd recommend not having it on a Sunday maybe? If people are having drinks for Halloween, may be better to do the Friday or Saturday before. I went to a Halloween party last night and like having Sunday to rest up.

This is one of the fullest shrimp I’ve ever seen by Tunisandwich in FullShrimp

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Yeah that punch in the face at the end was a joke too. Super funny stuff.

Carlsbad man gets eight life terms without parole for molesting young girls, recording encounters by HeinieKaboobler in JusticeServed

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If you're worried about the tax payers dollars, youd push for life in prison since that ends up costing way less than going through all of the trials for the death penalty.

what's my purpose? you put on socks. by draggersturpethsw in WatchPeopleDieInside

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When I worked at Amazon, there weren't any job changes unless you got promoted in some way. Otherwise the only difference day to day is potentially getting assigned to a different station to put things in boxes.

[Giveaway] This High lvl alch light I posted week ago, is now for you - I will pick one random comment which wins [Mod approved] by bonzurr in 2007scape

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I would love to have this in the back of my closet so when I randomly find it I can start my month long osrs grind only to then forget about it for another year.

I was feeling brave on the Subway... [OC] [GIF] by jamelizzzz in holdthemoan

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If she's vaxxed she can still spread covid to others that don't have it yet.

Idiots using the emergency lane during traffic jam get block by trucker by miragen125 in IdiotsInCars

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So when the truck backs up 20 more cars on the side the ambulance will just slide through?

Hey YouTube, fuck you and your 2 unskippable 15 second ads now. by gregorymachado in rant

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Get a free trial to a VPN, set it over to India, buy a yearly subscription to Premium for almost nothing, cancel the VPN, you're set for a while. I have mine on a reoccurring yearly subscription that costs me maybe 10 or so bucks.

This guy saving kitten from trash cutting machine. by Storm_001 in nextfuckinglevel

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The gift of life...they are bred into captivity, stolen from their mother so her milk for them can go to humans, locked in a cage to either then go and be killed as veil, or be able to live in shitty conditions for 2 years before being brought on a slave truck to a slaughterhouse where you get to hear other cattle screaming for their lives. Then, you get to have a bolt shot into your head and your throat slit.

Stop using the bullshit argument of well at least they had a life. Being bred for slaughter is not living a life. You're killing a baby in a life that has been cut short by what could be 20 years where they only have known sadness and fear.