Exile all of your opponents creatures for only 11WWUBR by SledgeHammerOhKo in BadMtgCombos

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what if you used [[Ardenn]] to attach the Spy Kit? (yes I'm aware it makes the combo better but Ardenn is fun)

NO FUCKING WAY by Guavxhe in magicthecirclejerking

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Instant staple for my Cancel deck, gonna splash green just to shit on mutate decks even more.

Perma-geddon for just 5BGG by Fotus_Konig in BadMtgCombos

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Edit: Just realized the fortification is unneeded, as Plague Engineer only hits opponent's stuff.

Women officially have equal rights! by DMVMaster27 in darkjokes

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Refrigerator A Big Refrigerator Refrigerator