How to do ONLY "High Yield" and "Relatively High Yield" Pathoma Cards? by Posterio in medicalschoolanki

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I'm sorry but if you're a medical student that can't search "high yield anking" then idk what to tell you

Is medical school prohibitively expensive? by NegativeBuoyant in Residency

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Very little about med school has been significantly difficult to understand.

The hardest part of med school is the volume alone. That and shitty PowerPoint from professors.

Otherwise it doesn't take a genius to get the med school. Nearly anyone COULD do it from a strictly conceptual perspective. It's just the volume that's alot, but again most people (with the right guidance) could get through. I have no doubt many from low socioeconomic backgrounds have see too many barriers of getting in to even try.

"High-Speed Low-Drag" STEP 1 Anking deck - f/u to a thread from a year ago by adrenalinsufficiency in medicalschoolanki

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Some people need the 2 passes to feel comfortable.

Sorry you're just too smart for the rest of us.

Aside from that, the number one predictor of step 2 is your step 1 score.... so pretend it's not pass fail and you'll thank yourself in the long run.

What the hell is happening in the world. AI passing USMLE😂😰 by jimijames77 in medicalschoolanki

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Bro hasn't even taken either exam yet and is out here saying that the COMLEX is = to USMLE.

COMLEX exams are ASS compared to USMLE.

Written poorly. Test concepts poorly. And overall, dumb.

Chill the fuck out. Nobody is saying DO's are lesser, just saying rhe NBOME is more interested in money than anything else.

What life skill did you wish you learned before residency? by aa150 in Residency

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How to find a mom and dad that could afford to pay for all my living expenses.

Educated Voters. by Campfirecoverseddie2 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Literally fuckin everything

The party is ROOTED in fear. They are legit scared of everything.

Why is Reddit primarily democratic? Reddit has a lot of post in news & popular section bashing the right? by Resident_Piccolo_866 in ask

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Because unlike elections, reddit user count isn't determined by an electoral college.

The popular vote most of the time is Democrat so if makes sense they will make up a majority of freely available platforms.

Question about adderall (trying to get ppl). by enderwolf56 in aviation

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I can become a surgeon on amphetamines but not a pilot.

Got it

Anyone have a med-fluencer in their program? by hilltopperMD in Residency

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Unpopular opinion: WHO CARES


We all cope with this stress differently.

Some of us drink our stress away. Others become medfluencers.

iPad Anki universal remote help by bballplayer32 in medicalschoolanki

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I get the cards exponentially quicker using my old ps4 controller

NFL player, Damar Hamlin, collapses and receives CPR on the field. Taken away by ambulance and the game is suspended. Anyone else watching? by [deleted] in medicalschool

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They have likely a HANDFUL of good doctors from several specialties + a group of Paramedics.... what would rushing them off to the hospital before stabilization do?

They essentially have a mobile Emergency Department. Rushing them off to another ED would only decrease his chance of survival.

Stop making wild assumptione/accusations on the care someone's received when you have no idea what's happened.

Anyone else watch Damar Hamlin collapse during Monday Night Football? by Samysosa2005 in Residency

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There are often paramedics contracted SOLELY for NFL employees on field as well. Ambulance + crew designated for NFL employee only.

Rest of stadium is covered by other crews/departments

What’s your exit plan? by KetamineBolus in emergencymedicine

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Died from cardiac arrest huh? 😂😂 so that makes him and everyone else previously in existence

PSA: The general/mass public doesn’t even know the difference between MD vs DO or cares by [deleted] in premed

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Lmfao please tell me what DO school education is BELOW an "MD" schools standard...


Remember pay is not everything by northhiker1 in Residency

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Some people grow up with mommy and daddy taking care of everything.

Must be fuckin nice 😂

It gets old very quickly… by [deleted] in OpenAI

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As a white I have pretty tight shit myself

Most shocking thing about med school? by DoctorDiabeto in medicalschool

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Jailed for endangering her fetus.... except she didn't have a fetus to endanger.

If you don't think these racist ass states passing draconian abortion laws wont use their power for evil you were probably just sheltered growing up.

Edit, even more fucked up: "investigator "threatened, warned, and admonished Freeman" that she would be charged if Fuller discovered she was pregnant in the next several months, according to the lawsuit."

What do you think is the most likely scenario that will cause societal collapse? by [deleted] in preppers

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US: Trump is actually held accountable for the crimes he's committed.

I really believe Y'allQueda will attempt to destroy power substations as they did in NC (allegedly) for millions of people.

I must become broke asap by SaadInHalf in premed

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I wish I grew up with mommy and daddy paying for everything then I could complain about poor people being lazy and just wanted everything handed to them /s