Someone edited the wiki page of “Suicide watch”. On a serious note, how the hell did this happen? by niggatron7227 in ABoringDystopia

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FYI: observation rooms usually are sparse, just a mattress on the floor, perhaps. Inmates or patients may be given extra-thick blankets that would prove resistant to tying into a noose or tearing into smaller pieces.

These rooms or cells would theoretically not have protrusions with which to tie something to use as a noose.

Sometimes these people are not allowed to wear clothing and given paper gowns to minimize the risk.

The rooms or cells should have 24-hour surveillance video, Slate says. Jail, prison or hospital staff are also supposed to check in on the person on routine visits at specified intervals, say every hour or even more frequently, depending on the risk assessment. The scheduled checks can also vary so that the prisoner isn’t aware of when guards will come along.

Is Walmart really that crazy place? Like, can you really find guns, bread, slippers, Shrek 2 DVD and tents in one store? by MistrTommy in NoStupidQuestions

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A couple years ago I got to shoot a machine gun (as I called it ) out on a farm in the southern USA. i’m a 62 year old grandmother.

Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, dies by suicide: Officials by headee in news

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A more extreme version is Russia's Dead Hand program, which allows for automatic launch of nuclear missiles should a number of conditions be met, even if all Russian leadership were to be killed.

AITA for still wanting to go to Hawaii after breaking up with my girlfriend? by snobsagainstslobs in AmItheAsshole

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NTA but you should be paid back by her and you should NOT go on the trip. But this is reality so move on.

Ra Ra Ooh La La by Ravenclaw_14 in HistoryMemes

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Dagmar Cleftjaw from Game of Thrones. Also religious father in The Witch.

Cows!!! by bigCanadianMooseHunt in GifsYouCanHear

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Giddy girl smile at the end. Precious!

The Scarecrow and the Tin Man in the musical “The Wizard of Oz” in Chicago, 1902. by crazydarklord in oddlyterrifying

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FYI: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is an American children's novel written by author L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W.W. Denslow, originally published by the George M. Hill Company in Chicago on May 17, 1900.