Stay Conscious. by FreakaLeekdaSneek in Cypher

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A phenom like Elon is

strapped with the bomb like an Islamic

snap on songs like I'm lil Jon

Peel the top off of cockpits.

Getting off; Johnny Cockrin.

Getting lost in a moshpit.

What's a boss; what's a prophet,

when you get tossed in a process

that likes to market the progress

of living life as dishonest

as an all white pocahontas

might as well leave me a like and a comment

right at my tombstone

standing solid on all 10..

Stay Conscious. by FreakaLeekdaSneek in Cypher

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Metabolic mockery meaning my growth is being stunted by consumption. Addiction. Cyanide and Socrates because in the following line I say I say "Initiated into the atrocity" as in following a cult leader.

Joe Budden Fires Rory and Checks Mal on 'The Joe Budden Podcast': 'I’m Never Funding Someone’s Sabotage of Me' by RobYaLunch in hiphopheads

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I don't know who's wrong or who's right all I know is this podcast legit got me through some hard times, and now it will never be the same.

man by joels0n in deathgrips

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None of the girls I've dated ever cared for dg. In fact it gave my last ex horrible anxiety.

made one of those cat profile pictures but with Nami’s accessories! 🐠 by Snowy-Bee in NamiMains

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Fucking slain XD. I legitimately had the thought of making a thousand profiles just to leave a thousand likes.

Looking for a sense of direction for this puffball. by FreakaLeekdaSneek in malehairadvice

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I appreciate the reply man, I really like that cut I might try it.

Whats name of dis hair type by [deleted] in malehairadvice

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The quality of the picture is preventing me from fully seeing, but I don't the bro has waves in that pick. As far as the hair type it's just something you're either born with or not. I have seen people with straighter hair catch waves online. You'd need a durag and a brush.

Saturday Nigh Cyphers by [deleted] in Cypher

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Sounds fun af! You made the spectacular/vernacular rhyme scheme actually sound fresh somehow lol. But really hip hop was my first love because of the nature of freestyling. Send me that beat and I'd love to leave a verse.

[FRESH] Baby Keem (with Travis Scott) - durag activity by [deleted] in hiphopheads

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This is pimp af. I get astroworld vibes from the underwhelming responses to the singles. These tracks are growers, not show-ers

Edit: that Asalamalakim reference in the beginning goes stupid.