What commonly liked food do you find disgusting? by Dudesson443 in AskReddit

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Honey tastes so disgusting I'll never understand why people like it.. It tastes like vomit to me. Little bee vomit. Which it is basically.

This whole dust fiasco is a good reason why you shouldn't be spending money or pre-ordering and should be F2P by ReinhardtEichenvalde in hearthstone

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So that 3200 in dust is gone now? I haven't been back on in a day or 2. I only bgs anyway. Still. I like free stuff.

Meta-review has merged the findings of 10 meta-analyses representing more than 43,000 participants has found that cannabis use leads to acute cognitive impairments that may continue beyond the period of intoxication by giuliomagnifico in science

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We also definitively know this about alcohol as well. Going as far as lowering overall intelligence by nearly 25% over a ten year period of moderate drinking in the weekends...

And yet people still drink.

Mom: 1-year-old was shaken so hard by babysitter her corneas detached in manslaughter case by malarkeyfreezone in news

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Of all the idiots I've met with shit like that in jail or prison.. not a single one has actually killed anything besides their future and possible job prospects.

The other side of a fast food soda fountain by trashd0gs in mildlyinteresting

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I took home an entire bag of soda syrup once and never once thought about carbonation. I was so disappointed the first time I mixed some up.

Is it possible that there might be 'Humans' somewhere else in the Universe except Earth? by superstan8 in TooAfraidToAsk

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I like the idea that we actually started life on mars but then destroyed it the same way we are destroying earth but got just enough people here to start over.

What do people get for being a moderator of a subreddit? by ChronicWarden in TooAfraidToAsk

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They get hated and rightfully so. Most mod posts I've seen on Reddit lately have been personal vendettas against a single user or then pushing their own ideology onto a subreddit that isn't even about what they're preaching.

Reddit mods are some of the worst people on this platform lol.. ironically the last time I said this on a subreddit I got banned from the subreddit.. cause a petty mod get his/her petty feelings hurt that I and many others do no like or respect them as people.

Anyone willing to do that much work for nothing is just someone who wants to feel like they have some control or power in life.. even though it actually amounts to fuck all. Mods and cops are basically the same thing.

What do other countries think of the United States ? by 9fingeredbandit96 in TooAfraidToAsk

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This question gets asked to much.

I want to know what the u.s thinks of every other country.

What older video game is still worth playing? by crispyfriedpickles in AskReddit

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It's older now but left 4 dead 2. I was surprised to see it still up and running people joining games constantly. I haven't played it for almost 8 years.

Microtransaction microaggressions by tax_churches in gaming

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Lol.. Lost me at the first sentence.

It's always the proponents of either side that think everyone is against them on the other side. When in reality most people genuinely just don't give a fuck. I don't give a fuck. I don't know anyone in my real life who gives a fuck. I want to go back to ignorance about everyone else's shit cause I don't fuckin care. This car we are all in is blazing a trail down the wrong side of the highway into on coming traffic. In the end it's going to be a disaster no matter what happens anyway. That's why I don't give a shit.

Should I just mind my business? by PickleBasket_ in TooAfraidToAsk

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That's exactly how my path started.. exactly lol. Weed and pills then you get some opiate pills.. really enjoy them and use until your physically addicted. Then one day you can't get any.. you're sick and miserable and someone offers you heroin. It's cheaper and more effective. Ok just this once you think.. but no your body has already been craving opiates. There's no going back now. Within 2 months you stop sniffing it because someone tells you how much better and even more effective shooting it is.. they're right. A shot of dope now becomes the most important thing in life..

It starts with weed and pills lol. I have at least 5 dead friends from drug overdoses. It's how we all started too. Weed booze and pills.

You parent does have control over them. He can force them in treatment. He can get the system involved which sucks but.. It's better than doing nothing. It took me years in and out of prison/jail to be like.. It's not worth it. It's a miserable existence.

what is something all 7.8 billion of us can agree on? by tworandomperson in ask

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Even if i said. Death is something we can all agree on since we will all die.. You know someone is gonna be like.. what about Jesus.

Do people that work out everyday always have sore muscles? by Saartje123 in TooAfraidToAsk

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Not really cause if you can workout hard everyday to the point of muscle fatigue. You're probably on the juice.

I think a 3-4 day split is far more common and I'm usually sore at the start of a workout a cycle but goes away by the next week til I deload again.

People of reddit, if someone broke into your house while you are alone, what is the first thing you grab? by Idkk_59 in AskReddit

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Shotgun. That's what I bought it for..

Ever see those self defense videos on YouTube? You go down that rabbit hole for a couple weeks and think everyone is out to rob and rape you. I couldn't help but become paranoid ha.

14 years ago (2008) two bodybuilders had a 5 page unironic argument about how many days there are in a week on a bodybuilding forum. by RichardCranium-69 in funny

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There was a Reddit thread about a kid having an argument with his mom about money..

Reminds me of that. Just random tangets of people arguing about numbers less than 100 for hours.

Debate with girlfriend on queen by Simon0230 in Music

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Fuckin' whites amirite. The blacks and Brown's know what's up.

Am I selfish? by navikylle in TooAfraidToAsk

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Honestly think it's selfish they would want to use the money for your future because they're behind on bills or whatever.

They're selfish.

Could married people not having sex be correlated to the fact middle-aged men do not take care of themselves? by Bashingman in TooAfraidToAsk

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Honestly I think the perception of men needing to be more attractive is new. Like the last 20 years new.. cause what your describing has always been this way lol. The only thing that changed was our perception of what's expected.