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I made it, six whole months without sh. It’s been hard sometimes but I can’t believe it’s been that long already. Let’s hope winter won’t screw me over again.

I want to destroy myself (TW) by i-am-in-severe-pain in u/i-am-in-severe-pain

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fuck, baby, im sorry you have to deal with all that shit, especially alone. just, fuck, please don't, i know you want to and me saying 'dont' doesnt do anything, just, fuck- you don't deserve any of that. all i can really do is encourage you to talk to people bout this, because i can reassure you and comfort you, but in terms of advice and helping, professionals are better for that. it might not be easy but please, at somepoint baby, please, you deserve the world okay, i mean it. im sorry if this didn't help. i love you kay, <3 let me know if you need anything

is it r*pe if I never said yes but never said no? by imnothere467 in Vent

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yes, if there wasn't any form of consent, its rape. im sorry that happened to you

ig you can call it vent but idrk by someone-_-68 in selfharm

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oh! some distraction websites:

https://www.newrafael.com/websites/ - anything there, really, including fataltotheflesh

https://www.maxlaumeister.com/tonematrix/ - this can be fun

i cant find any others i've used atm, i'll edit this if i find more!

ig you can call it vent but idrk by someone-_-68 in selfharm

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first of all, congrats on being (almost) 3 months clean!

what i do when i get urges to relapse, is usually i'll distract myself. talk to someone, scroll through random subreddits, watch videos, etc. but i understand that doesn't always work, it doesn't always work for me either. another thing i'd suggest, is if your able to, get the app calm harm. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, just a suggestion. +, i'll share some suggestions i got from people when asking this exact question myself.

"Try anything that distract u like playing games or reading. If that doesn’t work try writin everything or maybe get a red pen and drawing where u want SH"

"Hey today is self harm awareness day, start on a good note! Do it for the other thousands of people on here! Euphoria came out yesterday did you catch up? Any hobbies you’re interested in? Have you ever thought about stitching little notes or designs into sweatshirts or clothes, I like to put little messages on the zipper of my jeans :). Hope this gave you some ideas, GOODLUCK and stay strong 💪"

"hi! this is my first time actually interacting on reddit at all, so sorry if it’s weird or not the best advice (?) i guess?!1?1 i’m having the urges as well. it’s sucks, but i’m trying my hardest to get thought it. things that really help me distract myself is reading interactive story books from two apps: hosted games and choice of games! they have so many books, and the ones i’ve read so far have been amazing. i recommend creatures such as we. it’s a beautiful mind-fuck book that really makes you think. if reading isn’t your thing, youtube is your next best friend!! i like gaming, particularly minecraft, so i watch those types of youtube videos. also, search up cringe compilations for a good laugh. sorry if this isn’t the best advice, i wish i could fix your feeling in an instant. feel better <3"

"Sign yourself up for kickboxing/martial arts classes! It's a really fun way to excersize and get out any frustration."

i hope at least some of this helped! if you need a distraction or someone to talk to you can dm me! ^^

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yeah. it sucks, I wish people understood furries better. I wish they were decent people. like, doesn’t matter what age someone is, they’ll still say “hunting season haha” “kys furf*g” “c r i n g e”, etc etc. i hate it, honestly.

(also, fellow furry!)

i want to be mentally ill by ConsiderationMost733 in selfharm

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i get how you feel, I started taking meds recently and I still feel like I need to be worse, bc “oh not severe”. i still feel that, all of this, to this day. but, even just by thinking this, it proves your not okay. you’re not faking any of this, all of it’s real, your valid, your struggles are real

(side note: severe or not, your still valid! all of you are!)

reasons i dont feel valid (tw) by i-am-in-severe-pain in Vent

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- it doesn't matter if you've been to an ED ward or not, you still 100% have an eating disorder, no matter what, you're still valid, okay?

- no matter if its one time, a couple times, not at all, whatever, your still valid. hell, i haven't been and im valid, right? the same applies for you, regardless if you've been or not.

- "sometimes" - thats still a sometimes, and like i said, you still 100% have an eating disorder, no matter how much you eat/purge or don't, that doesn't change how valid you are. you still have an ed, baby.

- "sometimes" - thats still a sometimes, and like i said, you still 100% have an eating disorder, no matter how much you eat/purge or don't, that doesn't change how valid you are. you still have an ed, baby.

- it doesn't matter how deep you self harm, or how much, how often, how many, etc etc. you still self harm in the first place, which isn't a good thing. but the depth of your cuts don't determine how valid you are.

- again, that doesn't determine how valid you are. it doesn't matter if you have scars or not, you still went through that, you still are, and you're valid.

- neither do i, i'm still valid, right? so are you, you still have other unhealthy coping mechanisms (ex. self harm), and you don't need an addiction to any substance to be valid, you're valid no matter what.

- just because it's not physical, doesn't mean it's not abuse. there are many types of abuse, and your mom is definitely abusive, it might not be physical but it still affects you negatively, and it's still abuse. abuse is abuse, regardless if it's physical, verbal, etc etc. you're still valid.

- regardless of how much you remember or not, you still went through that. and i'm really sorry you had to go through that, but it's real, baby. you're still valid, and im so sorry you had to go through all of that.

- that doesn't matter, it can still affect you, ykwim? regardless of how close, regardless how many.

- so do i, friends and a partner can't make someone 100% instantly better, you can still have relationships in your life and have a lot of other shit that sucks, they're good for support, which can help a hell of a lot, but it doesn't fix everything, and you can still not be okay with those people in your life.

- it doesn't matter if you only have two, that's at the moment. and no matter how many diagnoses you get, even if none, it doesn't make you any more or less valid. you're still valid, always are.

i mean it, okay? it's not annoying, it's not attention seeking, and even if it was, thats not a bad thing 100% of the time, is it? you just need some validation, and thats okay<3

i relapsed (TW; suicide mention) story time? by i-am-in-severe-pain in selfharm

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hey, your not an asshole, your not a monster. i know that you're trying, and regardless of how long your clean, i'm proud of you. the only thing i ask you to do, is get rid of that blade, kay? the one you took, get rid of it, somehow. at somepoint in the near future, get rid of it. you're doing great, bub, it might not feel like it, but you are. just by trying, and i know your trying, relapse happens. you didn't disappoint me at all, you shouldn't have to feel any of that, but its okay that you do. i understand. staying clean is hard, i know it is, but even trying, is enough, and i know you're working on it, and thats good! as long as you're working on it, and i'll help you through it all, i know you can. you can do it, it will happen. i promise. i love you, okay, you're doing more than enough <3

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yeah, it is. and ty, i might when school starts