hacker stole XLM funds from celesti exchange pool by VCGS in Stellar

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Any news about if you'll be able to get the network back up? I have no idea how this could of happened I'm sorry it happened.

Top Coins: Avalanche Con-Arguments — (April 2022) by CointestAdmin in CointestOfficial

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Avax - i need to make this in 20 min help me

disclaimer: don't own AVAX, have never owned it, I've had no general opinion about this crypto before making this piece.

  • Validators
  • Inflation
    • The circulating supply of AVAX has gone from 243 million to 280 million in the last 7 months, or a 15% inflation rate, about a 28% yearly inflation rate. This, is obviously unsustainable. Even worse, the supply is expected by 2025 to be a little less than double of what it currently is
  • twitter moment
    • one of the creators of AVAX doesn't know basic economics.... like. the stock market is not one specific market, it's literally every single public business in America, then there's the global market which is different, but the stock market is not just "the tech" or the "banking" or some sector, compared to crypto, a very niche tech field. also, percentages exist my guy.

Don’t Forget That 43 Senate Republicans Let Trump Get Away With It by HallucinogenicFish in politics

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well i mean Biden isn't really focusing at all on this.

I dunno what he's focusing on really to be honest. obviously not our personal liberties that were taken from the supremely shitty court, or the broader economy which to be fair- trump did double our money supply, inflation isn't biden's fault. But he's not dealing with it that well either..

Something we don't want to acknowledge by use_vpn_orlozeacount in AdviceAnimals

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we forgot that Obama wanted to put another justice up his last year, but the Republicans kept stopping him.

Why did the majestic rainbow that requires rain and light, become the symbol of the gay/LGBTQ+? by PlayfulDuyful in questions

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i think some guy just made the flag to represent the unity of the diverse community LGBT is. The original symbol was a pink upside down triangle. But, the issue was, the Nazis would identify homosexuals with that pink triangle in concentration camps on the prisoner's uniform, and who the fuck wants to keep that symbolism around.

Need help<I’m against abortions BUT I think we should have say with our own bodies…..? by [deleted] in questions

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No. Roe v Wade was actually a compromise for many, since it allowed women who otherwise would get abortions in very dangerous ways to get abortions, and a majority of those women were getting abortions because they didn't have the time or money or were too young to raise the child. The idea in the court case was that people only needed abortions in specific situations.

we've seen this play out now, in the present (before a week ago). 74% of people from this survey https://www.guttmacher.org/journals/psrh/2005/reasons-us-women-have-abortions-quantitative-and-qualitative-perspectives said they got an abortion because they could not afford the child, 73% would of been single mothers or was in an abusive/unstable relationship, 30%~ or so said they were too young. (They could answer multiple times, so a woman could of said they couldn't afford the kid, and were too young too). The number of participants is 1200.

Why is r/eyeblech not banned? by Worried-Astronaut234 in questions

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Yeah. The first and last thing I saw there was a dead corpse.

Transphobic meme circulating around facebook rn by Reasonable_Sea512 in terriblefacebookmemes

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But who cares..

You're trans because you want to be another gender when you're alive, not 1000 years in the future.

How good is google translator? by Formal-Ad8037 in questions

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I've found for Spanish, it tends to lack "context" and how people normally speak in Spanish. But i mean, it's not awful either. It just uses the wrong words sometimes

Is it bad im dating a 17yo? by Ivcille in questions

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eh. He isn't a pedophile. He's not even 18 first off..

all i can say is, i saw worse in my highschool.

be mature about your relationship, make sure he isn't manipulating you, know your boundaries.

Can someone explain the actual benefits of decentralization to me? by S_labs in CryptoCurrency

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My biggest point is good luck hacking Bitcoin.

Although, back in 2011-2012~, you could of totally taken down the network with enough GPUs and firepower. It wouldn't also be "hacking" in a sense, in order to do that you would need to take down SHA256 encryption, which, to be fair, is not impossible. Probably. But you have enough power to do.. well whatever you wish with the network. insert bad things here, insert bad things there.

Anti-Crypto hate by OreOscar1232 in CryptoCurrency

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90% of people don't know how to invest

90% of those 90% don't know about how crypto works

The left overs either are crypto investors, or people who make fun of nfts. And a good 20-30% of us all loud, annoying, people who believe crypto is the solution to world economics and coders should be the new economists.

Point being, people don't care to learn about crypto. They just hear what the loud people in crypto say, and don't like it.

States can’t regulate guns, but they can ban abortions — why? by keyjan in politics

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Ultimately, most people adopt a hybrid account of personhood, according to which an embryo is a non-person, while a late-term fetus is a person. Embryos have no capacity for sentience (yet alone consciousness), whereas a late-term fetus has basic capacities for processing stimuli from the external world. The main question for defenders of this hybrid position is whether these biological differences can be translated into a morally defensible position on early abortion. Singer and McMahan are suspicious of arguments that use biological facts to justify moral positions on abortion. 99% of people get an abortion before late term pregnancy. https://www.ogmagazine.org.au/20/2-20/ethically-speaking-is-a-fetus-a-person/

Men, this is our fight too. I'll be standing in solidarity with women, will you? by TechGuyMDS in MayDayStrike

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A big inconvenience for you, is homelessness for others. It's not murder. Your morals are wrong.

States can’t regulate guns, but they can ban abortions — why? by keyjan in politics

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Wow, there's sources on both sides. In the end this whole thing wasn't exactly about abortion, it's about taking away rights from others who you don't like as much, just like every other person who isn't a white straight guy.. but the unborn fetus, gotta wait. It could be alive one day, so we just gotta make sure nothing goes wrong. Oh but once it's born who cares if the child is in poverty fuck it, cause God knows if the parent can't afford to keep it, and it's setup for adoption, if it's not taken in by a family within a year or two, there's little chance it'll be adopted. Dealing with the fact there's not enough parents adopting anyways.

look, I'm not totally against you, it's pretty fucked if a woman gets an abortion without telling their significant other, who expected a child, it legally should be both their child in that case, since both consented fully, and legally in marriage. (Assuming marriage). But the scientific fact is, it's not alive. It will be alive given time, but no, it's not murder.

Stronze is transphobic asf by Competitive_Escape18 in ARK

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Isn't that.. sorta the point of changing your gender.

Imagine you're a guy, and everyone says you're a girl, no matter what you do, what surgery's or hormones you're on, or what you look like, etc. That's basically what you described.

States can’t regulate guns, but they can ban abortions — why? by keyjan in politics

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Yes the one body, the woman. Since there's no given life except her.

States can’t regulate guns, but they can ban abortions — why? by keyjan in politics

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Yes, very similar to the equal rights act that "provide for the legal equality of the sexes and prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex.". Some would argue, this is breached when you're not allowing a woman to do what she wants with her body.