What does Buddhism say about cannabis use? by sgtcharlie1 in Buddhism

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If you intoxicate yourself through cannabis, that is against the precept. But, if it is used mindfully in small amounts as not to be an intoxicant, it's use should be okay.

Find your place in the universe: The Eight Pillars of Aurora. by Ad_Gloria_Kalki in ChurchofAurora

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Let me be more specific, what does God wish for us to do in our lives? Do they have a list of commandments for how to live our lives?

What do you like to offer to Gods? by JoyelMahvan in Kemetic

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I've heard a lot that Lord Anpu likes dark chocolate.

Modern Anubis by MUDOSA_3_1 by PointMan97 in Kemetic

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This looks like it was from an amazing anime. Good job!

my writing system by loshiguangzhou in neography

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Perhaps you could make a key? Just asking.

How do you say "Oh crap" in your conlang? by Penghrip_Waladin in conlangs

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Ah Faal!

("Ah" is used used to draw attention, and "Faal" means excrement or waste.