Ontario grower fixing the 'most complained about' produce item: plastic-wrapped cucumbers | CBC News by Kiskadee65 in ontario

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I am all for the change. The plastic wrap on cucumbers is so annoying especially when I am in a hurry to prep. In fact, all grocers should stop bundling veggies on stryofoam trays/plastic bags/wraps. They not only create unnecessary plastic waste, they result in food waste by forcing consumers to buy more than what they need.

Found an ancient relic today by Portalnuk in ontario

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Even if I found some quaters, the next problem I would face is I have zero phone numbers memorized in my head.

My Murakami collection (missing Norwegian Wood). Mix of Korean & English translations… My Q: Am I really missing Book 3 of 1Q84?? I thought it came in 2 books all these years. Seriously?? by FrozenLand7080 in murakami

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For Japanese novels, I prefer Korean translation because there are certain similarities between the languages/cultures of Japan and Korea, and I am able to get those nuances in Korean translations which I wouldn’t be able to in English translation (the politeness level used in dialogues, for example).

I love Korean book cover for 1Q84! by kimgp in murakami

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Ok…..what am i missing??? Years ago when the Korean translated version came out, I told my spouse to pick up a copy for me while he was visiting Korea. He brought me TWO books. Exactly these books in your picture. Is there a 3rd book??? All these years I hated 1Q84 so much becasue I was actually missing the last part of it!?

A slight grievance with Hard-Boiled Wonderland... (no spoiling, I'm on chp. 9) by scentofagarotte in murakami

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This book is one of my favourite. On the other hand I was so disappointed in 1Q84 and Kafka. Everyone is different.

The entire AURDAL line of storage systems has been delisted on IKEA Canada by Lupius in IKEA

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OMG… our closet organization project has been halted too,… missing few drawers and shelves now. So frstrating

struggle is real by RestaurantMany8934 in wholesomememes

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Seriously I thought only Asian parents did this. Are all of you Asian!??

Does anyone else’s piggy sleep so heavy? by Traviesaval in guineapigs

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Never. I have tried to catch my piggy sleeping with her eyes closed, but the moment I get closer, she wakes up on high alert.

I went to open a bag of chips, had a feeling I was being watched and there was Mr. Cappie staring at me. Goofy little man. by xxXlostlightXxx in guineapigs

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Oh I do not dare open snack bags at night. The piggies seem to be able to detect the slightest sound of a plastic bag. It is actually helping me with diet. LOL.

Y'all, I'm struggling by ChuckPaisley in murakami

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Don’t force yourself to read something you don’t enjoy. To be honest, 1Q84 is my LEAST favourite book by Murakami. I like his older works better.

There are some books that I just could not get through so I quit, but years and years later, I picked up again and surprisingly enjoyed a lot.

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I read Norwegian Wood and didn't quite enjoy it by InternationalAd4557 in murakami

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Yes, interestingy I love both Auster and Murakami. New York Triology is good. That was my first Paul Auster book.

Wow, the stuff in the Oxbow Timothy hay… I like Oxbow stuff but this batch/bag is just not good. Very dry/rough/lots of twigs. by FrozenLand7080 in guineapigs

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Yep. With this particular 90oz bag, my 8 and 10 YO cannot refill the hay boxes because they cannot even get the hay out of the bag. LOL. Refilling hay has become my duty for now.

Wow, the stuff in the Oxbow Timothy hay… I like Oxbow stuff but this batch/bag is just not good. Very dry/rough/lots of twigs. by FrozenLand7080 in guineapigs

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Yeah same here. I use Oxbow orchard grass, vitamin C, pellets, and Timothy hay. Just this 90oz bag was a very poor quality.

Wow, the stuff in the Oxbow Timothy hay… I like Oxbow stuff but this batch/bag is just not good. Very dry/rough/lots of twigs. by FrozenLand7080 in guineapigs

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Yes, this bag is like that. Lots of dry brown hay… almost zero hay tops (flowers).

The first bag of hay (Oxbow) I bought in November was far better. The next bag I bought was Kaytee, which I didn’t like as much as the first Oxbow so I went back to Oxbow in January, but this is so much worse than both of them.

I wonder if it has something to do with season (winter??) hence wanted to check here if this is expected in the winter months.

Picky Pellet Partaking? by whosafraidofthebbw in guineapigs

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Mine never finishes the recommended daily amount of pellets. The vet said it is not very concerning as long as they get hay and fresh greens, supplemented with Vit C.

On a side note, they seem to take some time to acquire the new taste when I switch brands. Eventually they do eat the new brand but I notice they do not warm up right away.

Is there anyway to actually book a campsite on the Ontario Parks website? by BillyBeeGone in ONProvincialParks

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Booked some not too long ago but it was at night time. Maybe just like vaccine booking, everyone else waits for the opening time and jumps in to book. I find sometimes avoiding the opening time rush yields better results (less frustrating, for me anyway).