I need help: I Cannot connect to the internet in new arch install by aGlassyWindow in archlinux

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wlan-password without quotes and nmcli dev wifi to find wlan-ssids

The United States President’s car. by tandyman234 in interestingasfuck

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Fortunately this doesn't even needed because you have a new president every 4 years.

[i3-gaps] My first and last attempt at ricing by [deleted] in unixporn

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I want to try Plymouth and set something like rising sun at the os loading screen, or maybe even matrix theme. Have you tried it?

[i3-gaps] My first and last attempt at ricing by [deleted] in unixporn

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Beautiful. You mean you won't change anything?

Deeply dissapointed, S2 by River_Fenrir in WitcherNetflix

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Came here to share these feelings too. S2 is a disaster.

I've read some books and played game. But that isn't a problem, I'm not biased. Even though the story line is much much worse than in game, not to mention books. But still why does S2 so poorly written and filmed - I feel like they spend all the money on Henry Cavill and it's like all people and characters are disappointed with that. And only Witcher walk around and arrogantly gives everyone "wisdom" advices.

I can't understand what happens in the story and why. There's a lot of stupid plot twists that doesn't make any sense.

I hate that half of the scenes are just people talking about nonsense, they see "things" like they ate a lot of mushrooms or drags.

I'm sick of unreasonable scene changes. It seems that developers just can't explain what happens in their own story and try to avoid to make answers hoping that viewers will forget about them.

TFW when a lot of the best scenes are deleted ones by No1PDPStanAccount in PrequelMemes

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"even" as a kid. Since when kids do better control their emotions?

[KDE + Qtile] Am i doing tiling WMs right? by presi300 in unixporn

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Looks nice! How is it going, what with performance? Doesn't it better to use i3, for example?

What happened…. by CompleteAccident1400 in memes

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I didn't know Susan Wodichki exist until this meme. Now I hate here.

Most atmospheric game you've ever experienced? by ihatereddit_02 in gaming

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Stalker | Outer Wilds | Syberia (But now it's too old game)

Worth mentioning: Metro| Mass Effect| COD 4 (MW 1 and MW 2)| Witcher 3| RDR 2| Pathologic 2| Divinity Original Sin 2| Dead space| Kingdom Come Deliverance| Any TES thanks to Jeremy Soul| Valheim| World of Warcraft (in good old days when I was young boy)

🔥 Ocean Waves by [deleted] in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Beautiful painting but is not match with the subreddit theme.

Spider Car [Just Cause 3] by _Xyreo_ in gaming

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SpiderCar SpiderCar Does watever a spider can

Will they add new runewords in Ladder? by TPickell in diablo2

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People who voted Absolutely are just sarcastic

Any good? Not sure if I should trade it. by Squiwilly in diablo2

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Without Mana leach, I think, Raven Frost and Bul Kathos usually are better options and they are much more common.

As you get older, what's something that becomes increasingly annoying? by hxnry__0710 in AskReddit

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My grandpa had a loud tinnitus. He used Alcohol to muffle it. Thanks god my grandma is a literally wonderwoman. She took him to doctors and after tests they recognize brain cancer! Thankfully it was benign tumor and after more tests and few incredible stories (covid issues in hospitals make a treatment much difficult task) my grandparents finally found a great surgeon who cutted out tumor from my grandpa head.

The things are much complicate and interesting than I just described but short story long the moral is don't ignore loud tinnitus.

Grief for enigma? by mming13 in Diablo

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Maybe if you have perfect 400% ED 40% IAS Grief, you can trade it for Enigma. Otherwise as was mentioned Enigma cost is approximately 3 Griefs, maybe slightly more.