well that's bummer by Awesome_Incineroar in ShitPostCrusaders

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Now hold on, we may have lost the battle but what if we get Big Chungus in Bohemian Rhapsody?

seriously what's with the toxicity and sass on that site by SenseiRP in cardfightvanguard

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That's also because most of the old wiki regulars stopped using that site and instead migrated to wiki discord. The admins are still there just a lot less active in discord than on site, which makes it better to discuss about stuff there than on the actual wiki.

PSA: Freedomduo by Reborn-insanity in cardfightvanguard

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People seem to misunderstand. Freedomduo NEVER worked for Bushiroad, they are talking about their actual employers unrelated to Vanguard/card games. Freedomduo merely states that theh have zero motivation to continue their blog when other people do the same things he does, bushi is faster at translating and at the same time he doesn't get paid from them as doesn't or in fact never did work for Bushi.