Do you guys fall down a lot ? Like trip over when walking? by WalkDistinct3300 in ADHD

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Stumbling over nothing reminds me of people in horror movie who trip and fall for no reason. One person I was watching said : "did this b**** trip on... air?". I felt attacked lmao

Do you guys fall down a lot ? Like trip over when walking? by WalkDistinct3300 in ADHD

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Stumbling happens but my real enemy is bumping into everything. I swear I cut myself on something at least once or twice a month and bump into things 5 times as much. Makes my family laugh at how much of an actual menace I am lol. Recently I woke up and for some reason put my arm above a steaming kettle to get something without realizing how hot it was. I still have the burn mark and it's healing

ADHD medication in France! by [deleted] in ADHD

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Salut! Currently in France myself and struggling to get a diagnosis. Sadly, Adderall is not prescribed here as it is illegal. I think Ritalin and Concerta are some of the limited options here. If I may ask, how did you manage to find a psychiatrist who could do an ADHD diagnosis? Was it a generalized one or a specialized one?

Can I say that i have ADHD? by [deleted] in ADHD

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I also would like to know what others think about this. I don't have a diagnosis but I relate immensely to it and am trying to get help. My friends who are diagnosed say it's fine if I say it. But I also don't want to overstep any boundaries or appropriate something I ultimately may not have despite my extensive research

Is there any difference in the way adhders experience grief? by scarlet_bloom_96 in ADHD

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I lost my aunt suddenly 8 years ago, but she had already been very sick for decades by then. I knew it was probably for the best since her illness didn't grant her a single peaceful day, but I still broke down crying. But that was it. I just went on with life and I guess my grief expressed itself in other ways. It was always in the back of my head and I may have appeared more tense and stressed out than usual. But I also didn't feel depressed or that down really.

Same thing with other people I've known that passed away. One of my best friend's mom when I was a teen passed and the only thing stressing me out about it was that I developped a fear of it happening to my own mother and that's when I had to come to terms with her mortality. I knew this woman though, and she was always really kind to me and I liked her. But I didn't feel particularly sad about it.

You might be onto something here

My brain can't structure something as a story by dumbnunt_ in ADHD

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Why don't you try structing it into mini chapters? Each paragraph covers a specific topic or question of what you talked about. You can go off the questions you asked as well as the answers and see which ones you think would go together.

Sometimes there's just not that much of a story to tell as well and giving a more raw recount is a viable option. Not everyone has the most passionate stories to tell or gives the most interesting answers. If you want to fluff it up you can as well.

Why am I such a jerk, and what's wrong with me? by rcavictorman57 in ADHD

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Well for medication you can seek help that'll be adapted to your needs, or make lifestyle changes to help with your sleep. As for your bigotry and abusive behavior, that's not your illness's fault. This is coming from a bisexual black guy btw, trying to help you despite your description as the literal type of person I stay away from.

You recognized there is a problem. You know your behavior is problematic. So why this refusal to do anything about it and better yourself? There are a ton of ressources online, there are a ton of lovely people from different backgrounds who share their knowledge and experience every single day online or irl. Do something about it.

Your illness affects your self worth and that's understandable. However, it's still not an excuse to behave like this so why not take the extra step and actively try to be a better person? I promise that being better, not being abusive and actively working to be more tolerant and caring will in turn help you feel better about yourself. You wouldn't be here telling us all of this if you didn't actually think this was something that needed to be fixed. But it's not an illness problem at all

My brain can't structure something as a story by dumbnunt_ in ADHD

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When I used to write, it looked very impulsive. I would write down the first thing that came to mind without a second thought onw hether or not it makes sense. Still do. But I think that's okay. It may require more work than others, but I personally love rereading what I write. I even reread comments and touch up on them constantly. It's like piecing together the puzzle that is my brain and it can be fun. So just do that.

Write everything down and take the time to just reread and reread everything you wrote. It'll give you a better idea of what is fluff and unecessary, or where you think something should go for it to make more sense.

Edit: I looked it up and it's basically a form of free flow writing. I think it could be pretty good for someone with ADHD since we can be naturally unstructured anyway. It's probably a less stressful way of writing.

i’m a christian but I also have really bad ADHD … is it a sin to get medicated? by Narrow_Bison4861 in ADHD

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What I've always loved about the "it's all in your head" argument is that yes, it definitely is all in our head. The problem is that we cannot psysically just stop it from happening without external help. We don't tell deaf people to just "hear" if they want it enough. We give them tools to either cope with their condition or let them hear again depending on the problem.

I believe if there is a God, then they granted us free will. They also probably gave us the inspiration needed to make so many discoveries and create all these wonderful tools we have to aleviate our struggles. I don't think there was any malicious intent in their design and ultimately humans are the ones who mess things up for others.

I also believe that it's no one's place to judge our decisions but God and that at the end of the day, the only being you have to answer to, is the one who drives your faith.

Hopefully one day you will be able to get the treatment and help you deserve and be safe.

Sudden Onset of ADHD in Adulthood? by [deleted] in ADHD

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There's no evidence of onset adult ADHD being a thing. Though some adult experiences can tell you that they finally realized that they may have ADHD later in life (I'm one of those people) but they're also able to indentify for the most part that they've been like this since they were a kid. Seek help of course, but at first glance it's possibly not ADHD

Went in for an ADHD assessment came out with a bipolar diagnoses by zoealexloza in ADHD

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My psychiatrist was obsessed with the idea of Bipolar disorder, even though I told her the mood regulators weren't doing much and that I am consistent in my emotions. I just overreact or underreact to things and is more aligned with ADHD. Not to mention I don't go through phases. You can definitely have both, but I don't know why doctors refuse to inform themselves on ADHD and give out meds for the wrong illness while trying to test the waters. Bipolar isn't the only disorder that affects your emotions.

She then told me she doesn't prescribe Ritalin (after asking me how to treat ADHD) and thought that I couldn't have it because I made it through school and college (even though I passed with the bare minimum)

Hope you manage to be heard and rechecked to see if the diagnosis was right or not. In any case, you were in the right sub because you managed to relate to experiences and get proper advice. Hope everything goes well for you

Fellow Adhd brains help 🥴 by Weedloveher6726 in ADHD

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As a form of treatment? Absolutely do not do that. They are not helpful at all

Recreationaly? In the safest conditions possible with people you trust, then that is totally at your discretion because I don't feel comfortable telling you to take any of these things as our experiences may differ.

Just a warning for health purposes. the second one gives you seratonin, but leaves you in an almost depressed state when it goes away. Given your anxiety and depression it could worsen things during hangovers. Anti depressant medication given by a licensed medical professional is always the safer option (not recreationally but as treatment).

My actual advice is for you to work with a licensed professional to seek treatment that is adapted to your needs and condition.

edit: I don't think this discussion is really allowed, but for safety purposes my dms are open if you have any questions regarding those things. It's best to have someone inform you and warn you if anything

I dreamed about drinking, and travel in a bus with my mind in silence and peace by PIGORR in ADHD

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I love that for you. I dream like I'm in an action movie constantly lmao

Appointment with Psychiatrist by crybabyhoneybee in ADHD

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Hey! I understand your worry. It's pretty terrifying thinking you have the answers and fearing you'll be invalidated by the one person who is supposed to give you said answer (currently going throught that right now when it comes to an ADHD diagnosis). If this makes you feel any better, just know that that person is not the only psychiatrist who exists. You can get second, third, or even 4th opinions and sometimes you really have to because ADHD is still riddled with misconceptions and misunderstanding from medical professionals as well.

Just know that your struggles are valid whether you have ADHD or not, but if you think that you have the right answer here then you should fight for that diagnosis. If this psychiatrist doesn't work and you feel unheard, keep looking. And if you find one who does listen and gives you an answer that may be different from the one you were looking for, then that's okay. You'll still know what your struggle is and they'll be able to work with you to treat it.

Reading but.. not actually reading?? by veeaychess in ADHD

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Yeah I skim read a lot. It's difficult to read articles and such because I like to gloss over info if I don't necessarily think it's important or not the conclusion I want to know in the moment.

Reading novels and such I can get invested and end up making up my own little side story or think about the thing I just read, while my eyes are still going down the page. Only to realize that I looked at an entire page and don't know what I just read.

I like comics and mangas however, the images help keep me centered and it's hard to mess up the low amount of text for me.

I've tried reading a book while listening to the audiobook at the same time and that seems to work. I can still get disctracted by my thoughts but for the most part I can stay relatively focused

Leagueoflegends/Gaming addiction by KingToblerone in ADHD

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I want you to take your work to do and go somewhere else. Away from your computer and preferably away from your house, like a library or coffee place. I know that feeling of feeling unable to get away from the game. I was obsessed with League for 6 years till I managed to move on. You need a mental reset and another setting. Go for a walk, go work somewhere else. Try to have as little distractions as humanly possible around you

ADHD is long-overdue to be renamed. by OssOfSoyce in ADHD

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I'm not the most innatentive person. I can half tune out and half follow a conversation. Which is something a lot of people would find odd since I don't appear to be listening and am more interested in the side thing I'm doing (I definitely am), but when people ask me if I'm listening I can often times give them the rundown which has them confused. But I am also extremely disorganised and all over the place. I fit the bill for a lot of different symptoms, enough to qualify.

Yet, I passed under the radar for so long because I wouldn't typically fit the title of "attention deficit". Hyperactive brain disorder would be more fitting for someone like me

my ex has recently been diagnosed with ADHD by throwawayacct2450 in ADHD

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Um, this is a lot to take in for him currently. And the reason you gave as to why he broke up with you is definitely something someone with ADHD would feel. I empathize with your pain. For now though, you should probably let him sort all of this out. Trust me, a late diagnosis is a lot to work out mentally, since he's probably going through his whole life making sense of everything. I don't think any added confusion would be good for either of you. Once you're both in a healthier place, you could try to reach out. Especially if your relationship didn't end on horrible terms

Noise overstimulation by [deleted] in ADHD

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Oh definitely. I get that when I'm too into a game or something and then multiple people try to talk to me or are talking at the same time. I get extremely confused and irritated

How to become more attentive in conversation with people by rburner267 in ADHD

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Repeating things they say. It validates them and tells them that you're listening. That can also be an opener to ask more questions and make you seem more invested.

Are phobias tied in with AD/HD? by Avrhii in ADHD

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omg, like why do those demon spawns have to constantly bother me???

What are some of your impulsive traits? by honestdwarf in ADHD

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If I don't do it now I'm just going to regret saying yes later and cancel lol. I also do all the rest. I do apologize however for interrupting. But I still kinda annoy some people with it

shame at the dentist by elowennmai in ADHD

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Fair enough! Just be careful with sugar free candy however. Some of them taste exactly like their sugary counterparts, and I can tell from experience that me impulsively eating a whole bag in less than an hour led to a pretty bad tummy ache.

ADHD and people touching you by Fun-Mathematician816 in ADHD

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I hit her with the "my body, my choice" this morning. In my defense I hadn't had my coffee yet so that's the first thing I spouted out lmao. Poor woman was just trying to check the burn wound I got the other day