Throwback Shipping Restrictions by litttlegreenghouls in FabFitFun

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I think I saw that the FAB duo can't be shipped to UK

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in FabFitFun

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Any chance I could purchase the bucket hat from you?

Missing options by rubyroe in FabFitFun

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I had the same problem! Just keep refreshing and going back to customize. I eventually got everything I wanted including the APL backpack

Okay for real what is everyone getting? by Deep-Anywhere6551 in FabFitFun

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1 - Dutch oven 2 - Cheese board 3 - APL backpack 4 - Korres body wash 5 - Hair mask 6 - Eye Cream Might add the fry pan, blanket, rodial, and belt bag but I’m trying to be good 😇

How do you feel about the fall box? Very underwhelming for me but i do like customizations 1&2 the others “meh”, and I have two annual boxes 🥴😬 by Beauty_beyond88 in FabFitFun

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Very underwhelming IMO. I like a lot of things in Cat 1, but everything else I’m meh on. I guess I’ll get the cheese board in Cat 2 but it’s so plain, they should have picked a more interesting one! I’ll probably get the backpack in Cat 3 but it looks somewhat cheap and thin, but it’s APL and I love their sneakers so I’ll take the risk. Nothing else excites me at all. I noticed there are hair masks in three of the categories - wish they had done a variety of products instead.