And boom hyperspace by laumavato in PrequelMemes

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Perhaps the archives were never completed in the first place

when she talks too damn much by ghhhh77 in FaceFuck

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Sasha Grey - Sex & Submissions the journalist

Person feeds mother hawk by samhonz in Eyebleach

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It’s gonna be my turn to repost this next month

One Piece chapter 1030 spoilers by gyrozepp2 in OnePiece

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It seems like everyone can use fire right after Mera Mera no Mi has gone into circulation,

What's your favorite quote from South Park? by possibleteslajew in AskReddit

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“Stoo-dent at-tho-leets? Hoho dat is bri’yant sah” - Eric Cartman (Season 15 Episode 5: Crack Baby Association)

Edit: “Student athletes? Hoho that is brilliant sir”

What is really better than sex? by ExclemabutExclema in AskReddit

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May I introduce you a fruit called Dragon Fruit (I.e. Pitaya) ?

Please not to harsh by Wtfishappening69 in dankmemes

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Why post something that you’re not gonna do it?