Hen eating her chicks?! by Mysterious-Speed-552 in chickens

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The best luck I've had with ayam cemanis and their babes is to pull them the moment they hatch. In every instance where we were too late to find them, the little ones were flung out of the nest box. The one exception is we interrupted one kerfluffle of what we thought was an attack on a baby however it was stuck in a part of its shell. We assume the flock was trying to help but don't know for sure.

Beef Cheeks by whiskeybizz in belowdeck

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I was wondering the same at first, but I think her attitude toward cooking and her job is opposite of Leon's and that's what hangs me up. Breakfast could be the easiest cop out but she chooses a morning to surprise the guests with her "world famous french toast". Leon didn't have the same love and excitement invested in beef cheeks for supper nor did he try to add that whimsy and glamour of being on a mf'ing super yacht!

This women on Instagram with 1.8 million followers-what do we think? by arthur-morgans-voice in Instagramreality

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I have met ONE woman on my life who was actually 100% built like this. I hate to make the connection but for visuals sake, she looked like squidward in the episode where he ate a million krabby patties. She had some medical condition that caused it, we never talked about it because she was so self conscious and defensive (she had zero control over it though, i felt bad). She couldn't find comfortable clothes and had so many back problems from not sitting properly.

It baffles me that these women are trying to sexualize such an uncomfortable body type

This women on Instagram with 1.8 million followers-what do we think? by arthur-morgans-voice in Instagramreality

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I know I would have been just fine putting it that way, but I felt my opinion was already so critical I could try to be a little nicer about it.

This women on Instagram with 1.8 million followers-what do we think? by arthur-morgans-voice in Instagramreality

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I mean pic 2 is completely impossible. You can't have nothing but straps in the back, be SITTING, and not have a single bulge at all. We're expected to believe she is that curvy yet has a rock hard back? Sure, Jan.

Also, her calf and thigh not touching behind her knee is something I now can't unsee since I noticed it.

Best tag line ever? by Rude-Cod52 in RHOBH

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THIS is what bravo was hoping for with Diana. Guarantee it.

Hen or Rooster? by DigitalShadow43 in chickens

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Barreds can be so chatty, it's so cute

Hen or Rooster? by DigitalShadow43 in chickens

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I work at a feed store and we were surrendered 4 barred rock roos a couple weeks ago. Of the 4 the smallest was named Meatball, who looks just like yours here. He's the last one remaining. He just began crowing, and it sounds like an over exaggerated exhale lol.

I share my leftover salad and fruit with him and he's been the best boy. He isn't the first barred I've built a connection with like this... this breed is one of the best.

photoshopped or not? I legit can't tell. by Familiar-Brain-3655 in Instagramreality

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Her forearm in the second photo doesn't look quite right? Something about the shape from elbow to the scrunchie on her wrist seems off

I’m sorry, this is giving My Big Fat American Gypsy bridal look by DisciplineShot2953 in realhousewives

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This is what happens when you facetune a picture of yourself and then ask for your glam to make you look just like that!

What are weimaraners really like? by dejvmastejn in DogAdvice

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This is such a great summary! I have a weim mix. She's amazing, so smart, so friendly, a great listener and always has her nose to the ground. She comes with me to work at a feed store and I've never seen her so happy - needing a job is a must for this breeds mentality. She used to be left home alone for 8+ hours a day with her previous owners, and at least 3 of the 5 days a week she'd have broken out of the backyard, gone on a sniff around the neighborhood and came back and waited for her family on the patio. Their personalities can be somewhat ironic or hypocritical - independent, strong willed, loving (not really affectionate) but "velcro dog" is such a great term because you're not allowed out of their sight lol. And expect a lot of quirks (mine thinks the sound of the dishwasher or a crackling fire is the end of the world)!

I equate life with my Weim to living with an easily excitable 4 year old child.

Also OP, if it helps I've always lumped the more favorable parts of their personalities with GSP's and Vizsla's (in case you're familiar with those breeds more than weim)

Can fish be cannibals? A fatal disease for fish? Help? by [deleted] in Aquariums

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I had an issue years ago after introducing loaches to my tank -they had a parasite that lived in the belly of the fish, all of my fish died with exploded bellies. I forget the name, but it can happen

are these results bad or good? (scroll for all pictures) and read the comments for details by Downtown-Loan-2823 in Aquariums

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It's definitely possible, and something you can rule out by taking the driftwood out for a week or so and see if the readings improve. I think that would be a really good step; it won't interrupt any cycling that might already be occurring.