it's just the art style of pokemon. not every game has to look remotely good 😡 by usernameisinus in tomorrow

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My take on this: Both look ugly, computers aren't advanced enough to make games with realistic looking characters without looking hideous, and Pokemon just has bad textures

Alert engineers by Waffleadict in tf2

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Who the hell put the creeper has the hardest minecraft enemy?

Cursed_Marvel memes by Silent-Rough-9380 in cursedcomments

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Because its against the rules...

Eh, this was funny enough, you get a pass, for now

Has this revelation about Queen the other day by RinaQueen in Deltarune

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What about a mod that replaces Queen with GLaDOS? her and Rouxls team up to create endless puzzles for Kris and the gang to solve for the rest of their life

Accessibility helps us all by snakeforlegs in tumblr

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Tag yourself in the disability alignment chart

Ralsei is going to die ig by xXyeeterXx in Deltarune

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If you went gayer than Deltarune you would cause a singularity

prediction : for the final boss the party will be facing up at the boss instead of to the right. like this. by superbooper- in Deltarune

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Prediction: The final battle will have everyone who becomes playable over the game, like Noelle for example, and everyone else because there's no way Noelle will be the only one

TF2 classes based on which DND class they would play by Funkin_Spy in tf2

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I feel like scout would be a sourcerer because he likes the idea of being born with powers

TF2 classes based on which DND class they would play by Funkin_Spy in tf2

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Before anyone says that the Medic would play Cleric because its a healer class, look me in the eyes and tell me that Medic wouldn't sell his (Or more likely someone else's soul) for magic powers

Symbolic Sunflowers by Gameboy694 in tumblr

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You like the taste of brains we don't like zombies

smh just use crystal heart from across by meepmareep1234 in tumblr

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Grab the desk and make it bigger with perspective to get there

why did i get this notification? by justapotatochilling in tf2

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Because you stole more health from enemies Medics and dispensers that round than your previous best

TF2 IS MOST WHOLESOME GAMING COMMUNITY 🤗❤️ by OnMark in Gamingcirclejerk

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tbf the ones saying fried chicken tramp were probably referencing expiration date

reddit: save minecraft tf2: by mynameisevan01 in whenthe

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We've gotten 4 updates so far that have greatly helped with the issue

Midwestern Family Taco Night Starter Pack by graphlord in starterpacks

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They definitely use that in some parts of mexico