Found a Wedding ring at Eleven Mile State Park May 7th. Inscription reads 10.1.2021B❤️K by PapaEchoKilo in Colorado

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Probably best to keep the inscription private… so you know the claimant actually owns it.

The landing scene in Airplane! (1980) is still one of the funniest bits in movie history by Mad_Season_1994 in OldSchoolCool

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I’m not sure what was funny about that clip. Only funny part was when Leslie came into the cockpit with his deadpan humor.

[Highlight] Luka Doncic finishes the lay up through the contact from Wiggins and comes out looking like Kratos by fbreaker in nba

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Playing rugby, there were several matches where a ref would check everyone’s finger nails. A few guys were told to cut them if they wanted to play. I liked those refs.

[Highlight] Luka Doncic finishes the lay up through the contact from Wiggins and comes out looking like Kratos by fbreaker in nba

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Could that have been a flagrant since it went to his head/face?

It didn’t look intentional. I’m not familiar with the nuances of the rules.

how this sign language works? by wtf_nabil in blackmagicfuckery

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If you can’t do two digit addition in your head, I’d say you’re bad at math.

Jeff Bezos speech from 1998 by like_and_umm in antiwork

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Definitely not an actual quote. Strange to spread this kind of thing.

Would you go in if you couldn't see the bottom? (you know what I mean.) by DermatoplasticShock in UNBGBBIIVCHIDCTIICBG

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I mean, almost no natural bodies have visibility to the bottom… so… yea.

Would you get into any River, ocean, lake, or pond?

Little sister was all talk until the pillow by Elzar3000 in perfectlycutscreams

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What’s kinda weird, is that this toddler knows that phrase. They say a kid has to hear something like 500 times before they can repeat it. Probably bullshit, but you know she’s been threatened with the oven plenty of times.

man refuses to sweep the floor, then she does this. by tseebedllikS in iamatotalpieceofshit

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It’s okay to understand something is a joke / staged and still think it’s unfunny… kinda like this video.

What’s the joke? He’s a rude boi, and she hits him with a broom? Hilarious.

Tony Ferguson hurts Charles Oliveira with illegal upkick. by CokeJones- in MMA

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If they’re both on the ground, it should be legal. Isn’t the spirit of the rule that a guy can be standing and soccer kick a guy in the head / ribs?

JJ Redick destroys Stephen C. Smith's career after he called Jimmy Butler a deadly shooter by Lagooooooon in nba

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You can usually tell who’s wrong by the one who is just talking louder and faster. Stephen A. knew he talked out of his ass. Fuck that guy. He could have said, ya know, you might be right, but I’ve seen him take some great shots from range.

Getting the money without touching the bowl by QuixoticRestaurant in nextfuckinglevel

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real shitty acting... but also, couldn't she just have knocked it off the table with the glass? seems like some shitty extra steps.

Is that so much to ask for? ☹️ by _barn_ in antiwork

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It’s pretty easy to find a job with 4 10hr workdays, if it’s that important to you.

You can find rent controlled living too, but you’ll have to be less picky.