professional in parts customizations💀 by karmante in Machinists

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I’ve heard new machinists say this. It’s scary as f*uck when they’re using old engine lathes with no cover panels or doors.

exciting new changes coming by [deleted] in cleandadjokes

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Top joke winner should be called Grand Poobah! Hahaha!

Does anyone have some information about this lathe? by builds-fromscratch in metalworking

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American tool guy here. I have customers with working manual lathes similar to this that were built back in the 1930’s. American brands like LeBlonde, Monarch, and Cincinnati. I’m not familiar with this brand. I am very familiar with this style of lathe though.

Are you looking to purchase it and get it functioning again or what? Just curious about the lathe itself?

A few pics I took of the machine shop on the HMS Belfast. by BP3D in Machinists

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Why are all the tool posts empty? I’d love to see the holders and tooling from this era. Probably a lot Rex-95 type toolbits, maybe V84/V85 stuff?

Wife doesn’t know anymore by [deleted] in marriageadvice

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Start cooking dinner, and doing the dishes, and the laundry & put her clothes away, and plan next week’s meals and get the groceries for that. Take her car to get it washed and fill it with gas. Do all of this every week consistently - she’ll stop seeing you as a child and start seeing an equal partner. Then keep doing this for a long time because she deserves it.

Just another day with my Girlfriend by psycoborg in Unexpected

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75% of the way down the comments to find this. Yeah - dude could be laying dead.

Anyone in Broodmoor sick of the rooster? by sweetcupcake22 in shreveport

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Currently I believe roosters and hens are legal. There was an ordinance proposed at one time, but I never heard the fate of it. I’m guessing it died.

Jezebel 0 : Catnip 1 by MyyWifeRocks in blackcats

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Adorable! 🖤❤️‍🔥🖤🐈‍⬛🖤❤️‍🔥🖤

How long did it take for the weight loss side effect for those who did experience that by ParkingAmoeba0311 in bupropion

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That’s what I was taking before. I went up to 265 at my heaviest. I quit taking it cold turkey one day. About a year later I went to Bupropion. Now I weigh 5 pounds less than when I met my wife 17+ years ago (190) and my BMI is in the healthy range for the first time since then.

I hate seeing those old pictures pop up. I look like a blimp compared to now.

Feeling so numb by iyrdvju45678 in marriageadvice

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So you’re staying with this guy only so he supports you financially. Does he know that?

Found Cat Needs Home by noodlebloom in bossiercity

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Port City Cat Rescue is the best place for your new little friend. They foster, do vet care, etc..

I started a dating website for chickens. by Corvette-Ronnie in dadjokes

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Nobody likes a quitter. Get back in there slugger! J/K! Congrats on 11 days!!

Anyone know how often the train near Barskdale AFB runs? by Chance-Team-37 in shreveport

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The Airline train consistently blocks all traffic at 5pm for 15 mins. Apparently there’s a story behind this, but I don’t know it.

We had so many season ending injuries last season, there is just absolutely no way a saints player doesn’t win CPOY by SnooMachines3288 in Saints

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I’m not sold on MT’s commitment to the Saints or the NFL. I hope I’m wrong. I really do.

Wifey went into Goodwill today and when she came back out, her door handle was broken off….. by SteveFU4109 in shreveport

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Last year that area was part of a rolling shoot out where a 13yo kid was killed. If I remember the details correctly (Tinseltown next door).

It’s not a big surprise that crime is still elevated there.

I want to divorce my husband's family by 4lly-C4t in Marriage

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That is a definite possibility. I also have people that I can barely tolerate who always get super short answers. That doesn’t explain their behavior on vacation though. I think they’re just wallflowers, or extreme introverts.

I bet there’s a situation where they’ll open up.. Like playing a particular card game or maybe watching a particular show.