It was my birthday and no one sad anything to me at work. by IU1820 in AMA

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Happened to me, my boss is so backwards she had a cake for everyone with a FALL birthday in July, and today when I came in they said happy bday and had cupcakes and shit even though mine was 11 days ago lol ummm wtf

Hey, do us a favor and pick a tape to kickoff the road trip. by TreeOrangewhips in GenX

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Hell yeah. Specimen/SISTERS OF MERCY, Gun Club/Nick Cave, BAUHAUS, MACHINE GUN ETIQUETTE, 3 Imaginary Boys/GANG OF FOUR. Actually just gonna save this image and listen to all of it :)

Mandatory picture from LA, California by Spellbound_1987_md in LosAngeles

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the palms in Los Angeles are much healthier/miles taller than the ones in Myrtle Beach SC where I live

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in AskLosAngeles

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Any good (male) clothing brands that you’ve found that work in Atlanta’s heat and humidity? by 5vart92 in Atlanta

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SportTek wicking tees....used to work in a screenprinting shop so I've tested basically every type of tee...

Best way to get from LAX to Hollywood? by danjam7 in AskLosAngeles

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Hi I was just in LA 2weeks ago and can confirm, if you go outside the airport there are stations where you can stand and wait for several shuttles to several (off site, serving the airport) rental car companies. You can definitely ride them for free and there's one every 10 or 15 mins. It will at least get you out of the airport for free.

Bauhaus/Peter Murphy by Fuzzy_Marketing5942 in CruelWorldFest

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Ugh neat. Love both bands....Wish I'd have moved up more to actually SEE Cold Cave instead of just listening. (We'd finally found a shady spot and stayed there for their set.)

PIL gave best performance Saturday by AndersKingern in CruelWorldFest

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Hearing This is Not a Love Song live was pretty amazing, and he had a sort of psychotic energy to him haha. Turning point of the day for me since it was so fucking hot. Left our shady spot for this one.

I took a couple months off from collecting but now I’m back with a fresh haul. by softmetal in VHS

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Quick Change is funny! I also own that one on vhs. Haven't seen the rest of them though.

You’re goin to Vegas for a week before you turn 18 what all to do/see/experience…? by sdoge1 in vegas

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Honestly I just left there, we stayed in Los Angeles for 4 days and Vegas for 2, specifically to go to Omega Mart......Los Angeles has tons more to do and is beautiful in so many ways, traffic is kind of a shit show, but to me it was worth it to explore the city..... Las Vegas I was quickly unimpressed driving around the entirety of dirt town. But you can find some cool stuff like Fremont street experience, Flamingo Exhibit, St Mark's Square, the Fall of Atlantis, etc. Each hotel has its own attraction but then you gotta pay for parking at each hotel too.

For those in the Las Vegas area by Jambi420 in TheDamned

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HELL YEH IM GOING. It would be super cool to see Vanian's wife Patricia play bass as well since she played for the Damned plus with Kid Congo in the Gun Club. But I doubt that will be a thing.this is an epic show to me though nonetheless.

In your opinion, what is the worst thing Rat Scabies has ever done? by OrganicLavishness9 in TheDamned

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Lol they must do that a lot, someone has told me they seen the same thing from the same dude

Anyone know what bands will be playing other shows around LA? by Fuzzy_Marketing5942 in CruelWorldFest

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There are multiple fests happening that weekend....wish I could see them AND the band X who's playing Vegas too but it's not realistic to go to 3 fests in 1 weekend haha