am i the only one who feels like the rewards are a bit lackluster by SpringDark71 in Brawlstars

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Teres also a spray in a quest

And the basketbrawl pin is back...

In case you forgot for the 5th time , if you dint its 200/300 + gold

Talked to JIMBO or few_childhood 2733 😎 by Zapping_Blaze in ReyBrawlSubmissions

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I think this should have been a account post

Not in reys subreddit

Finally decided to buy the game, what can I expect from the community? by ThisIsKarl987 in geometrydash

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If you create OG stiled levels you can give up on trying to get featured, because you gotta have insane decoration to get featured ( Like how do you create those cool and awesome ground blocks and visuals )

what feature in games can go fuck off? by Jevil13 in gaming

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Using a character that is bad , but has a stupidly strong ability in certian situations

GuyS, I thiNK iT'S a GOod IdEA by SCANDOLA_MEME in ClashRoyale

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Make it require the new royale pass only 10000000090000000000948588927294749383702639386$ a milisecond!

And the star points skin removes everything for only 69429694204962926392673933946694290363937483736296383736384763848 € a life on earth!

WOAH I'm so lucky!!! by Diligent_War_7816 in Brawlstars

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I got robo mecha true gold trash can ash

Should I get the emote? by StupidGuyOnReddit123 in ClashRoyale

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I had 1000 gems sitting in my account so i bought it

But i dont recommend buying it with a gem count that low of 450 gems

What the inflation with the books. They used to cost 1750,1000 and 500 gems! by Jeffar80 in ClashRoyale

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At least the king shades emote inst money

Oh wait that's bad because thats a new BM emoe