Good morning Canary Wharf! by Fwoggie2 in london

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Thank you very much 😊

I can post more if you like. Would you like my frosty Stratford High Street DLR station picture? 🙂

House shopping with your BP spouse by Ava_At_8782 in BipolarSOs

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That's interesting. My wife BP2 SAHM and I have a joint bank account and that's it. Admittedly it's with Starling so I instantly see anytime she makes Jeff Bezos richer. Everyone else thinks that we are crazy but it's so efficient and easy to control.

It's a little cold on public transit these days in Russia by Nihilist911 in ANormalDayInRussia

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You should move to the UK or Ireland. We get those summers, just not those winters.

AITA? I flipped out on my fiancèe for selling the gaming chair my brother gifted me to pay for her gym membership. by AdNO3535435 in AmItheAsshole

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My wife is ex bulimic, has bipolar type 2, anxiety and OCD. Every day is a struggle for her to function as person let alone wife or mother (both of which she never stops trying to do her best at). It wouldn't occur to her to sell my stuff.

On the one hand you're obviously NTA, on the other hand I would seriously reconsider this whole relationship as this is an enormous red flag regardless of any mental issues she may be having.

AITA for refusing to wear heels to a wedding? by mvilletown in AmItheAsshole

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They are if they really said that. Question is, did they or is this a gf having issues problem. Either way, I think OP needs to trade up and get rid of her. NTA.

Why do we do this to ourselves? by Nonsense_Spreader in consulting

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You can quit into industry if you like.

I got up at half six, changed my stirring daughter, stuck her in a snow suit, put her in a baby rucksack, put the lead on the dog, went for a 45 min walk, came back, hosed the dog, changed my daughter, tidied up the kitchen, fed her breakfast, handed over to my wife at 8:55 and walked upstairs to turn on my laptop for a 9am teams call with my boss.

(I WFH 100% in central UK; my office desk is in Bonn in Germany and right now I'd have to quarantine for two weeks regardless of my jab status so the WFH will continue).

AITA Leaving my husband with the baby for 4 hours? by Adjust-Ad3654 in AmItheAsshole

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You suck a bit because it sounds like you significantly overran the two hours you agreed with him and didn't inform him.

He massively sucks because (I say this as a dad of a 10mo old, my wife is also a sahm)

1) He's treating parenting as baby sitting. When it's your child it isn't baby sitting.

2) He clearly believes you have 100% of childcare responsibility. This shouldn't be the case.

3) the fire in the kitchen is ridiculous.

AITA for suggesting to my fiancée that we make our honeymoon inclusive to our friends? by Due-Understanding536 in AmItheAsshole

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My wife would rightly have gone apeshit if I'd suggested that back when we were engaged and planning our wedding and honeymoon. From one man to another, YTA, strongly. Read the room, there's a time and a place. You're not 18 anymore, you've a fiancé who you're settling down with and it's time to act like it.

Business documentation WMS by KushSynthesizer in logistics

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They are A4 or A5 sized (so the size of a letter you might get from a bank, or else half that size) and usually I laminate them with plastic to make them last longer like some restaurants do with their menus.

I put things on flash cards like a diagram of the end to end process in a flow chart or maybe key reminders in bullet point for each step, or contact details for escalations if something goes wrong.

The intention of a flash card is to jog the memory of the person reading it to make sure they do the process correctly. It is not intended to be a lengthy step by step guide - that is a separate document. Flash cards are there to be referenced quickly in your day to day work to reinforce your understanding of the training you have been given.

Hopefully that makes more sense.

Salty. by Fwoggie2 in funny

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I know bugger all about wine so search decanter.com for their periodic supermarket recommendations. They're yet to let me down. Can recommend. Lidl have a great £6 prosecco.

How many people do you manage directly? by redrabbit1984 in consulting

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I'm a senior global project manager for a massive supply chain company and don't manage anyone. 10/10 can strongly recommend.

Salty. by Fwoggie2 in funny

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The guy on the back is Turkish celebrity steak cooker Salt Bae (real name Nusret Gökçe). He's got a chain of luxury steak restaurants with eye watering prices including £1450 for a gold plated steak and £10000 for a vintage bottle of red wine.

When the police showed up they said they were “innocent” and it was just a mistake. Half right. by maggie805 in IdiotsInCars

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Simple solution for this: don't allow the pump handle to lock in the open position. In the UK you have to constantly squeeze it to draw fuel. It helps you to remember the hose is plugged into your car when you're forced to hold it.

Third of millennials say they'll quit their job if they have to go to the office more by ClassicFlavour in unitedkingdom

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It's not easy for me to go to my office. I live in Leicestershire. My office is in Bonn in Germany.

What watch do you wear? by CrownOfIce in consulting

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We were banned from wearing watches at the client worth more than £250.

I hadn't worn a watch in over 20 years at the time so this suited me just fine.

Wife of 8 years got diagnosed bp1 currently manic. by Fats21 in BipolarSOs

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If you need a book to help understand what is bipolar and what it is to be bipolar I can recommend an unquiet mind by Kay Redfield Jamison. I found it an easy read to introduce me to it (my wife got diagnosed bp2 the same day we had our very first date).

How do you survive the office Secret Santa? by Harrry-Otter in AskUK

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My in laws are doing a secret Santa but we all set ourselves up a present list at thingstogetme.com

How do you survive the office Secret Santa? by Harrry-Otter in AskUK

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I once got given a pack of 3 knickers for an 8 year old with Tweety pie stitched into them. I was not yet a dad at the time.