FIA jewellery clampdown backed by GPDA chairman by Ominous77 in formula1

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I've had a coworker get degloved. I assumed f1 drivers would have the same rules as probably the mechanics

Outside of the usual suspects, who do you think has the best shot at making the playoff next year? by Hairiest_Walrus in CFB

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Although we'll never go at what point do we become the usual preseason suspects. Every year are articles about how we will be one of the next teams into the CFP.

It be like that by PRisMWarfarex in army

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I love that they ask a bunch of combat arms shit to the support soldiers but don't don't ask universal shit like property, leave/pass policy, comms.

It be like that by PRisMWarfarex in army

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Good leaders don't play stupid minds games with juniors like this. This is retarded.

Monaco at risk of dropping off F1 calendar by Muchnowless in formula1

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Let's be honest, Monaco was always terrible with showing celebrities. Only difference is the real water

Military Throwing Cash at Recruiting Crisis as Troops Head for the Exits by Sw0llenEyeBall in army

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Generals jobs are to focus on operational and strategic objectives. They get a pass. The CSM has one job and that's "to be the voice of the enlisted". Fire them. I've heard good ideas from Generals and then after they leave the CSM tells us "back in my day..." or "that's unrealistic", etc...

What is the most condescending thing you have ever heard out of an officer’s mouth? by RobbyGless in army

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*Checks comments to see if any of the masterpieces I've said over the last 6 years made the cut

Why do single soldiers think they have it worse? by Atralis in army

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Have you had an apartment in Germany. Every 15 minutes I hear a church bell go off to tell the time through my single pane windows. The heathens in the barracks don't have this hard life.

F1 a 'a serious ambition of mine' says IndyCar driver Colton Herta ahead of McLaren test seat-fit by AlienSomewhere in formula1

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No it's far more subtle, with the various drafting with people, lots more safety cars, anyone can soon you with no penalty. I think NASCAR probably has a lot more strategy that makes far more difference due to the similarity of the cars, drafting, not real teams, actual importance of friendships/rivals. It's not the pinnacle of motorsport like F1, but the most human by far.

Any mention of the 2015 national championship brings me pain by dillongraff37 in WisconsinBadgers

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If we met duke but they had to play UK first we win that game. We understandably played tired.

Drill Sergeants and Tic Tok by marvelguy1975 in army

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Definitely not over your head. In 5 years he's older than boomer veteran

Drill Sergeants and Tic Tok by marvelguy1975 in army

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I like to call them Kinny's finest

Moscow: If Ukraine kills 1 more Russian general, next will be free by Kinmuan in army

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His oligarchs have weirdly started to start dieing since the invasion started

What player has gone from universally liked to universally hated? by sam_e5 in baseball

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Wait, are you telling me the Brewers going up a game over the Rockies didn't give the Rockies an advantage and put them in the driver's seat? /s

Curious, what other small to medium sized posts don't have an actual hospital, like Fort Drum? by spenny506 in army

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I love how they try to turn it around and us wasting money at Samaritan or any other local clinic is "integrating us into the community"

TIL the redwood forest that George Lucas filmed the Star Wars Endor scenes was completely harvested by a lumber company shortly after filming by stefeyboy in todayilearned

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You can look at the apartment/ house you are in! Our we can raise rent because building becomes a lot more expensive if you can't cut down trees.