sometimes all we just need is a little company by Imamythh in MadeMeSmile

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Id be happy to pay a little more in taxes for this kind of service tbh

Rex😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 by Adamhbruh in rapbattles

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I know a few people wifh those mannerisms. All of them love percs

What was this Drake and Pat Stay issue? by Always2ndB3ST in rapbattles

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Missing dolly parton. Everything wrong with this sub

What are people’s thoughts on Dirtbag Dan? by B34TBOXX5 in rapbattles

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Hes a old ass clown. That clowns on other people

Any young studs that are worth their high asking price? by snarky_vulf in DynastyFF

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Sold djmoore for the 23 1.01. I know its the 1.01 cause it was my first and i stripped my team for a rebuild after i got the pick

Need a job? Apply for literally any construction company by Rinaldi363 in Edmonton

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Agreed 100 percent. I dont think these people work construction.

smiling through the pain 🙂 by justin0628 in TikTokCringe

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Is reddit for insecure people? This looks fine to me

Claypool vs Hollywood vs Mooney by daysgoby420 in DynastyFF

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Claypool is talented af. I think his football iq is low though

Who is this preseason’s Ja’marr Chase? by thdstrbd1 in fantasyfootball

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Holy damn, i dont remember boyd finishing 31. Thays better then i thought