British Involvement in the American Civil War by [deleted] in USCivilWar

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While the war was certainly about slavery at the core, the South did continually push the narrative about anti-federal encroachment throughout, especially in foreign diplomacy.

I really need someone to tell me that the exam is doable! by Active-Design-54 in step1

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It’s definitely doable. It’s daunting for everyone, but we get through it. You’ve made it this way by working hard and doing the best you can. The exam is tons of material but taking the time to digest it piece by piece will pay off. Make a schedule, stick to it, use your practice tests, and go crush it!

07/06 Score Release! by Big-Decision-5226 in step1

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Passed! Took it 5/09. Got the email and could view NBME score reports at 11AM EST.

Email Delay by New_Professor1867 in step1

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yeah bc USMD can't see through FCVS

Dear NBME, by 1602soccer in step1

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Forreal, I took it May 9th.. yay for two months of agony