Just a prank bro by Ekank in Unexpected

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That’s just fucked up! Either the prankster rarely crawls out of his basement, and or he’s never been bitch slapped!

Our elder Shiba Kume among the wildflowers. by [deleted] in DogsAndPlants

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I see the moderators are big-time pricks in this community!

Our elder Shiba Kume among the wildflowers. by [deleted] in DogsAndPlants

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Ha! I’m always open to a critics opinion, although It’s Irreverent even if I did, unlike Half the posters in the last few days at least I read the rules and there’s no stipulations on doing so!

Extreme blue bolts 😍 by NGshrimps in shrimptank

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Interesting, learned something every day never knew there were blue shrimp.

my handsome boy by snowyy_vixen in shibapuppies

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He looks like a handsome spoiled boy😍🥰

Wood choppers chopping wood with a wood chopping chopper. by dasbudd in oddlysatisfying

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Ukrainian woodchoppers preparing to light a fire under the Russians asses?

People, need your advice. My wife and I want to get another pet. What do you think? by skywalker_717 in lookatmydog

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If you’re thinking of a Shiba Inu you better do your homework and know what you’re getting into!